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Tyler Perry Casting Up ‘Single Mom’s Club’ Adds ‘Bridesmaids’ Star Wendi McLendon-Covey

Tyler Perry Casting Up 'Single Mom's Club' Adds 'Bridesmaids' Star Wendi McLendon-Covey

Looking to continue expanding his brand, after the not-so sucessful attempt with Alex CrossTyler Perry continues to package his next project, a dramedy titled Single Mom’s Club, which Lionsgate is in final will distribute. 

William Levy has already been cast in the Single Mom’s Club, which centers on a group of single mothers from varying backgrounds, who are brought together via an incident at the school their children attend, leading to the creation of a support group that helps all of them overcome personal obstacles.

Also, as usual, in addition to writing, directing, producing, Perry will also co-star, alongside Levy, and the newly cast Bridesmaids star Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Wendi is the first actress to be cast, playing one member of the group of single mothers, described by Variety as a…

… snobbish book publisher wrestling with the decision to move up the corporate ladder or devote more time to raising her only daughter.

With production scheduled to start at the end of the month in Atlanta, we should know who will make up the rest of the cast. We assume the single mothers will be a racially and ethnically diverse group of women.

Lionsgate has set Single Moms Club to open May 9, 2014.

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One question: Why is he STILL telling women's stories?


LOL! "Single Moms Club." And of course they'll all be pursued by handsome, wealthy men who will come to them and obsess over them. And they'll all be fabulously successful. A tired, pandering formula that was played out in the 90's. First we had "torture-porn," then "military-porn."
We really need to think of a name for this kind of obsessive-compulsive, gyno-centric, wish-fulfillment fare.


Did it ever occur to him given the success, critical acclaim and Oscar award win of Precious, that if he could let someone else wear at least one of those hats (writing, directing, producing, acting), he might get a better result?

D.C. Kirkwood

Good for him. Im glad he is still trying to do something different. Although the single mom bit I think is being overdone all across the board not just by Tyler Perry. I would not mind seeing Nia Long doing this show versus Target commercials or even Brandy versus doing that ratchet show the Game or Tichina Arnold. All have been single mothers at one time and Im sure they can bring some real life experiences to this.JMO

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