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Tyra Banks To Reprise Role As Living Doll In ‘Life-Size’ Sequel

Tyra Banks To Reprise Role As Living Doll In 'Life-Size' Sequel

For the life of me, I have never been able to figure out Tyra Banks.

Is she a really savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, or an airhead, or a really savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur who acts like an airhead? And if it’s the latter… then why?

But as you ponder the answer to that question, let me tell you that Disney Channel has confirmed that Banks will, once again, play the role of a Barbie-like doll brought back to life in a sequel to their 2000 TV movie Life-Size.

Banks will also exec produce the show, which goes back to what I was talking about. Is she an airhead for playing a vapid role again, or savvy about producing it this time as well?

And just to remind you, Banks’ co-star in the first Life-Size movie was played by a young, innocent, fresh faced and scandal free Lindsay Lohan, long before she and her career went off the rails, big time.

No word yet if Lohan will come back for the sequel, or even in a cameo role; but I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that.

Here’s a brief clip from the original movie:

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So, Tyra makes a fluff movie and that makes her an airhead?? Sexist much? How many Hollywood stars make throwaway straight-to-DVD films for extra money? Plenty. Robert DeNiro just starred in few, including one with Fifty-Cent. It's called business. I'm appalled by your blatant sexism!!


Tyra have moved beyond than just being a model with a pretty face and nice body to being someone who is smart and intelligent. And she is a hustler. Tyra gets her money.


This movie was actually cute & fluffy! I liked it.


Now Sergio, you know you just chose the most horrid scene/clip of the original! When the original came out, I was just a little older than the movie's demographic, but it was right on par with the cutesy, hokey stuff on Disney. Jere Burns played Lohan's amusing father. It was just right for that audience, yet a little MORE (little girls love pretty bigger girls – life-sized dolls if you will). I think what people see with Tyra is this kind of "hustla" mentality, but hustling in especially vapid industries in addition to a kind of ignorance about other more foundation-ally important things like her history, American history, global history… etc… like she goes in hard (she commits), but with little or not enough information. As long as she is not tearing people, or entire groups down, I try not to complain, but I understand why she gets the "side-eye" from some.

Geneva Girl

Goodness gracious, this will be on heavy rotation in our household. My ten-year old LOVED the original Life-Size! In fact, just a few weeks ago we finally got rid of her VHS collection of Disney videos, but she pulled Life-Size out of the bag. I guess it's a good, clean girl fun movie. I'd rather her watch this than that Twilight nonsense.


Hmmm, I would say MILLIONAIRE wins hands down, so she can do whatever she wants.


File this one under "unsolved mysteries".

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