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UK’s Screen Nation Awards (The ‘Black BAFTAS’) Cancels 2012 Event, Citing Brand Protection

UK's Screen Nation Awards (The 'Black BAFTAS') Cancels 2012 Event, Citing Brand Protection

Whoa! Earlier this morning, I posted an article on the Screen Nation Awards (the “black BAFTAS” as they’re also know), in which I challenged a piece on the UK Guardian’s website, which asked why race should still play a part in awards recognition – specifically, whether the Screen Nation Awards (which celebrate black British talent) has any reason to exist, given that, as the Guardian piece argued…

British black and minority ethnic actors are making their presence felt more than ever before, both at home and abroad – so why do they still need their own awards shows?

That was earlier this morning; you can read my piece HERE if you missed it.

Just about an hour ago, the below message was posted on the Screen Nation’s Facebook page, which states that this year’s event, which was actually scheduled to take place THIS Sunday, November 11, has been cancelled!

This has to be unprecedented. 2 days before the event is set to happen, it’s cancelled!

Why? To protect the interests of the Screen Nation brand. Essentially, it sounds like financial matter, based on what follows below.

But I’ll let you read it for yourselves; hopefully we can get further explanation directly from the awards show:


Unfortunately it is with deep regret that we are forced to announce that the eagerly anticipated Screen Nation Awards 2012, listed to take place on the 11th of November, has now been postponed to a later date, yet to be defined. 

Despite the best efforts of the Event Director and all the highly gifted and capable event team to reduce the exposure to the event, caused by severe difficulties faced by delays in receiving committed finance, late rejections of partnership approaches and finally an insurmountable major H&S issue, it was felt that this was the only decision we could take at this time to protect the interests of the Screen Nation brand and reduce the negative effects that would be felt by the participants of the event. We regret the unfortunate timing.

Screen Nation would like to assure its loyal audience and supporters that we will continue to do our best to maintain a standard for excellence and integrity at all times and deeply regret the suffering and embarrasment this news will cause to a good number of you and many professionals in the community. Working in unity with our stakeholders and partners, Screen Nation commits to make good on all liabilties it has built as a result of this postponement and will be communicating directly with all parties concerned at the very earliest opportunity.

Nominations still stand and voting procedures will be revised to take account of this unexpected circumstance. Announcement of the winners of all relevant categories will be made at the future show.

Charles Thompson, CEO of Screen Nation says: “On the very day the Guardian online publishes an article that I am quoted in posing the question ‘Do black actors still need the Screen Nation Awards’, I regret to announce this sudden untimely setback to the awards show. However I give my assurance to you that the extraordinary pool of talent that reside in the UK, will continue to be celebrated on a date to be set within the next few months. I sincerely apologise for the huge inconvenience this has caused many of you and take full responsibility for this difficult situation. I have understood very recently that however much we may want things to work a certain way, sometimes you just can’t hold back the inevitable.’

Working in partnership with all stakeholders, Screen Nation celebrates the achievements of all the winners and nominees and together with the industry wishes them all the very best of luck for the show in 2013.

Please check the website for news updates on the awards as time goes by.

Screen Nation would like thank everyone for their continuous support and understanding and looks forward to seeing you all at the awards show in 2013, schedules permitting.

For and on behalf of The Screen Nation Awards Team

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Charles Judson

@Manny and @Simone Anyone that's put on events like this, that heavily rely on corporate sponsorship, donations and often ticket revenue itself, should understand that somethings can't be avoided. It only takes one major sponsor to delay or reduce payment and that has a cascading effect. One year we had a major corporate sponsor not only renege on their cash sponsorship two months before our festival, they waited weeks to respond to the question if we were at least going to still get our airline vouchers. We got them eventually, but it was a 60% cut. That was money for air travel we hadn't allotted for because two months out we had already made our commitments and a contract had been signed months before that. For any organization, even losing funding two months a head can be devastating, since it takes that long to often even get an idea if a sponsor or donor is interested, let alone how much they'll commit, and beyond that, will they follow through. As someone who has missed a check because a sponsor told us a month before a festival that they made an internal decision to move to paying their partner events 30 days after the event had expired, I wouldn't dump on Screen Nation till more comes out. That they sent out a press release at all should be commended, since too many groups, mostly out of embarrassment that they're that close, try to quietly shut everything down, which usually only angers folks more and fuels speculation. And "quietly" shutting anything down even a month out from a large scale event almost never works for the best. Now, should have someone been there to answer questions and greet people to explain what happened? Yes. Was that possible? Until we learn more, we just don't know.


I have an acreditation for blackmovieentertainement , i have come at plaza there is nothing, Concierge said me the event was cancelled and i`m very upset by the bad organization, they aren`t serious, i live France, it ain`t easy for small media like us to loose money, it`s our first time to work with them, i think it gonna be the last the last time.


We are all disappointed and wait our refunds…


next year plan better screen nation, we need you our mouth piece

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