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Universal Pictures Pacts with Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company

Universal Pictures Pacts with Michael Eisner's Tornante Company

Old chums Ron Meyer and Michael Eisner have forged a longterm deal between Universal Pictures and The Tornante Company. The studio will distribute Tornante’s fully financed feature films worldwide.

Ex-Disney chairman Eisner—who brought ex-CAA chief and Meyer’s old partner Mike Ovitz into Disney as his second-in-command, which did not last long– founded in 2005 the privately held Tornante Company, which invests in, acquires, and operates companies in media and entertainment. He also founded indie studio Vuguru, which develops and finances content for digital and international platforms including Hulu’s “The Booth at the End” and “Little Women BIG CARS” on AOL. Vuguru has made many licensing and distribution deals with AOL and Yahoo!; FremantleMedia Enterprises recently pacted for international distribution of future Vuguru titles.

So far Tornante has been acquiring and investing in companies more than individual projects.

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