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Wanna Touch ‘Em? Leslie Mann & Megan Fox Get Close In ‘This Is 40’ Red Band Featurette

Wanna Touch 'Em? Leslie Mann & Megan Fox Get Close In 'This Is 40' Red Band Featurette

Now showing for critics, and with screeners already in the hands of various guilds and groups, Judd Apatow‘s “This Is 40” is officially out of the gate, and the early buzz seems to be positive. But there’s still about a month to go until it hits theaters, and Universal is beginning to turn on the marketing juice for the picture.

A new red band featurette has dropped for the movie, which explains the “Knocked Up” spinoff/sidequel conceit of the picture. Starting off with clips from the aforementioned film, the featurette explains the transition into this movie, and how essentially, Apatow is using the characters of Pete and Debbie — reprised here by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann — to delve into the issues of being in a relationship, turning forty, and handling the challenges that come along with it. Throughout, there is a lot of new footage from the film perhaps most eye-opening off all, Mann handling and being in awe of Megan Fox‘s breasts. 

“This Is 40” opens on December 21st. Watch below and for the bonus round, we’ve included Fox’s ad for Acer computers as well.

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5th Cylon

The worst part of knocked up was Leslie Mann's shrill…. I couldn't imagine sitting through a 2 hour movie where her character was the focus.

jonah hill, ken jeong, jason siegel, paul rudd,jay baruchel, that bearded guy….those were the reasons to watch knocked up


Soooooo sick of Leslie Mann. Easily the most annoying actress around. What is there to like about her performances? Wait, I take that back – I suppose really annoying people might like her.


El Vee

Leslie Mann is great at being annoying.


Leslie Mann is great. You are dumb.


Of greater concern is why Apatow feels compelled to keep shoving his wife & kids into his films. She's not very appealing no matter how much he forces the issue.

gorrila monsoon

that screenshot is going as my wallpaper.

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