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Watch Cool Animated French Short Film On Loneliness And Survival, ‘Solus’

Watch Cool Animated French Short Film On Loneliness And Survival, 'Solus'

From French co-directors Robin Bersot, Camille Dellerie, Mickaël Larue and Thomas Rodriguez, Solus (as the film is called) is their graduation film (graduation from ESMAEcole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques).


Carl is a man in his fifties, who’s trying to lead a normal life in an unusual situation with his friend Eddy. One day, while he’s looking for food, he finds Sam, unconscious. Carl brings him back home. When Sam wakes up, he will question Carl’s way of life. The latter is going to understand his meeting is maybe not due to chance.

Watch the full short below (h/t to Jug for the link):

Solus from Solus LeFilm on Vimeo.

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This was very touching and well done. For some reason French films often have open endings which usually annoy me, but I like how this had no easy answers.


Loved the 3D illustration, the animation… But the end didn't compliment the level of suspense and drama built up until that point. It was decent though. Could've been great.




Beautiful! And wow. Interesting. I have questions. There are no answers. Beautiful piece.

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