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Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series ‘Crumbs In The Bed’ About Newly-Married Couple

Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series 'Crumbs In The Bed' About Newly-Married Couple

Long-time regular S&A commenter, Adam Scott Thompson has launched a new web series titled Crumbs In The Bed, which centers on…

… a young married couple with a new home who laugh, bicker and negotiate while in bed together.

Created by Mr Thompson, the series is directed by Solomon Onita, Jr., and producer by Stephanie Hall & Rusty Hall.

Episode 1 debuted online a few days ago, and is embedded below.

You can stay connected via the usual social networking sites:;; and @crumbsintheweb on Twitter.

Watch episode 1 below, titled Oh Crumby Night, in which the couple argue over the husband's decision to have his cookies… in bed.

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Cute and funny. Realistically exploring the way that newlyweds must adjust to each other's quirks. The only question I want to ask is about the wife- is she going to be the alpha to his beta the entire show, or will there be role reversal?


She a'ight. Nice to look at too. Just two different acting styles, but it looks and plays well. Looking forward to the rest. Congrats!


Well my man, I thought your Fredrick Douglas was much more clever. As apposed to this, ol'Fredrick came out in a hurry. This one never hooked me, so therefore it didn't hold me. I guess I'm saying I'm looking for a hook of some type, something funny, something clever. And maybe the actress could be a bit more subtle.


Looks promising. I like the script and the actor, the actress on the otherhand may have been a miscast. She's got 9 more episodes to win me over. Good luck with the project.

Adam Scott Thompson

A tidal wave of thanks and appreciation to Tambay and the rest of the S&A crew from the "Crumbs" team. You helped give us the courage to believe we could get it done. Nine more episodes on the way — stay tuned!

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