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Watch Episode 2 Of New Web Series ‘Crumbs In The Bed’ About Newly-Married Couple… In Bed

Watch Episode 2 Of New Web Series 'Crumbs In The Bed' About Newly-Married Couple... In Bed

Long-time regular S&A commenter, Adam Scott Thompson has launched a new web series titled Crumbs In The Bed, which centers on…

… a young married couple with a new home who laugh, bicker and negotiate while in bed together.

Created by Mr Thompson, the series is directed by Solomon Onita, Jr., and producer by Stephanie Hall Rusty Hall.

Episode 2 debuted online a few days ago, and is embedded below (if you missed episode 1, click HERE to watch it).

Watch episode 2 below, titled Groggy Froggy, in which the couple attempts to negotiate a late night sexual encounter:

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*reminds me of the


reminds of the "the couple" but not as funny. the dialogue doesn't come off as natural and i don't feel any chemistry between the 2 of them.

willie dynamite

Charles pretty much summed it up, it isn't great but has potential to be better, but I want to comment on is Adam's reactions to the comments. I applaud you for putting your work out here to be judged and having the thick skin to take the comments. We as filmmakers/artists usually protect our work and lash out when it isn't received as great. Your replies are a great lesson to all of us. Do not let some of the comments deter you, in fact let them invigorate you to be better. I think all of us that come to this site want to see projects of a certain standard. It's hard to describe it but we know it when we see it. With an attitude like yours, your potential is endless. Focus on the jewels of insight in the comments, and incorporate the lessons because this is the path filmmakers take to become great! Good luck, Brother.


The poor husband…..

Charles Judson

Some of the commenters are digging the knife a little too deep into this one. The couple is likable, the dialogue moves and doesn't get bogged down, and Onita keeps a static setup from falling into overt staginess. However, I do agree with Bondgirl that there's not much here in way of overall storyline (or outright comedic absurdity) to entice folks to come back. And again, I agree with her that the timing is off at points and the jokes don't always punch (the wrong hole line lands with a thud, and coming so early is a momentum killer). I enjoyed this episode more than the first episode a great deal, but my main issues are that there's no escalating stakes in the setup and there are some missed opportunities. An example would be the handjob. What if he had taken that offer? What if in her giving it that's when we see that she's not just bad at it, she actually makes it worse? Negotiating to get sex is cute, negotiating so you can at least get decent sex, don't have your ***** ripped off and not piss off your wife might be comedy gold. Second missed opportunity is actually in two places that work in concert. It's when he's negotiating and he says he needs it because he's stressed and the second time is when he says he doesn't want to be one of those ducking each other couples. Either one of those could have become the underlying thematic driver of the scene with the other one going from just a negotiating tactic to a tactic that goads the wife into having sex. Depending on which one is which takes the episode in a different direction. If you elevate the second one, it becomes a funny true-to-life moment in every couples life that has some hard reality consequences, which in turn creates a little bit of a dramatic arc. If you go the other way, that he's really just negotiating to get some because he's stressed, and he "uses" their relationship as leverage to get off, it's the basis of going more absurd with the comedy. One is more situational based, the other is more character driven. Right now I think the episode rides the line a of trying to be character driven and situational, while not letting either one take precedent in driving the scene. Those critiques aside, I still think folks are ripping on this episode too much. As far as I'm concerned, CRUMBS is not that far removed from sitting comfortably inside another show. This couple could conceivably be among the reoccurring characters that appear every few episodes. As is though, it doesn't quite stand on its own (yet), and in a thousand channels, million shows world that is the web, that's not the best place to settle. Oh, and to Darkan's point, I on one hand see what he's saying about the emasculating thing (although I don't think it reaches Taming of the Shrew/R. Kelly levels). On the other, it's refreshing to see a Black couple in which the husband can tell his wife that's she awful at something and it comes off as playful, and representative of how healthy their relationship likely is that they can say that, and not be mean spirited. Yes, relationship based web series have already been overplayed, but, as much as we bitch and moan about how melodramatic some of the shows can get, and the dearth of representative couples on small or large screens, there's still some good things here.


Keep doing it bruh. Your actors are funny and engaging. Thick skinned is right, most of the fools here commenting are on iv haterade.


It's not golden globes, but it's funny and serves a purpose. I think the commenters ripping it apart are digging for shit to say. Really, did the still repulse you so?

Smh. Haters gon hate.

It's cute, well written. The guy delivers the girl is a hit and a miss, but cute. I give it a B


I have to give Adam Scott Thompson major props for being thick skinned about all the feedback. It's tough work to put yourself out there, and he sounds like the kind of professional who will definitely learn and grow from the experience.


I could tell by the still it's crap… no need to watch.


Okay, I realize he's supposed to be this scholarly professor and all, but "amphibian sex"? It just didn't roll off his tongue naturally, and overall seemed like he was overacting. Her performance and accent is eerily close to Beyonce, and this scene doesn't make you care enough to see what will happen next between the two. The jokes didn't land.*Price is Right losing horns*


Why is this brother even married to this woman. In the two episodes I've seen she's abused him, emasculated him, verbally abused him now deprived him sexually. Smdh. On another note, Anybody else think dude favors Ludacris aka Chris Bridges?


Overwritten. Overdone. No wonder they can't perform for each other–they're too busy performing for us. smh

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