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Watch Exciting First Full Trailer For Ensemble Cast Black Cowboy Western ‘They Die By Dawn’

Watch Exciting First Full Trailer For Ensemble Cast Black Cowboy Western 'They Die By Dawn'

It’s been a little while since we last said anything about this; it’s titled They Die By Dawn, a western featuring black cowboys, conceived and directed by Jeymes Samuel of The Bullitts (a collaborative group of artists – both music and film – headed by Samuel).

The all-star cast includes some fan favorites: Jesse Williams, Michael K. Williams, Isaiah Washington, Bokeem Woodbine, Clifton PowellRosario Dawson, Giancarlo Esposito, Erykah Badu, and others.

But it’s not a feature film unfortunately; it’s a short; however, I wouldn’t count out the potential for a feature adaptation, especially if response to the short is strong. And based on the below trailer, I’m definitely anxious to check this out in full.

The 30-minute film is reportedly based on a series of real-life stories.

Here’s the synop:

Four outlaws with a bounty on each head, set a date for a shootout in Langston, Oklahoma. The last man takes the collective bounty. Violence and mayhem ensue.

Last we wrote about it, in May, the film was shooting in Melody Ranch, Los Angeles, and Rosario Dawson tweeted the pictures above and below of some of the cast members in costume, on set.

Now the film’s first trailer has surfaced, and courtesy of our friends at Twitch, it’s embedded immediately below:

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I love u Jesse Williams. The Whole staff. All beautiful Black Men. I am proud


All sorts of gorgeous blackness on the screen!!! Yes, people.


Yes! Something unique and interesting, with solid actors. I hope this sees a wide release (of at least 1,000 screens) across the U.S.

JoeThe Director

Niice. We need movies like this. Diversity is a good thing.


Erykah Badu brought that hat to set with her cause that's the type of shit she wears.

D.C. Kirkwood

I really liked the way this was filmed and the production quality. That's why I don't like photo stills because based on the photos it looked really low budget but the trailer turned out nice. I saw Erica with that bad weave and hat and my stomach got queasy. But Ill definitely be checking this out. It's great to see African Americans doing something different. Congrats to them.

Klondyke Pit

Isn't Idris Elba in this?

Curtiss Cook

Congrats folks… very proud of the collaboration effort, ROOTING for you all … Lets do more, hope it does well for YOU and all of us …


Rap and Hip Hop Music gives it and everything else, ITS EDGE.

Darkan even Obama had Jay Z on the stage with him 2 day ago. Guess what he did.




Then, cue the rap music. Ruins it every time. SMH.


Isaiah Washington and Giancarlo Esposito are better than this. They are better than this film. But who know, maybe it'll be interesting.

Dankwa Brooks

A short sounds like a good move! Too many films, especially filled with known actors, try to "pad it out" with filler to make it a feature do they can sell it as a feature fillm for a couple if bucks at Walmart. Hopefully it's short on filler and tight on story.

Black Hollywood

Finally…Looks Awesome !

Adam Scott Thompson

It's the Posse! Shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up!!!


So many of my favorites in the cast. Oh yeah! I like this!

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