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I have seen Flight and this IS very funny. He's got Denzel down to a science (minus the makeup). "Okay, Alright"


When that large stack of cups appeared, I held my breath.


I haven't seen Flight but this was hilarious!!!!


Hilarious! He has the voice and the concept down pat. He needs to be on a sketch comedy show. Nick Cannon, call this guy for your new show!


Hilarious!!! This guy is going to be great!


"He was gonna make me late!" LOL!!!

Absolute class. I had tears in my eyes.


I haven't seen Flight yet, but if it's as half as good as this video, it must be awesome! This was pretty funny. It was a tad too long at 6 minutes, but it kept me laughing. Based on the trailer, I could imagine a lot of cup slapping from Denzel in the movie.

blah, blah

I haven't seen Flight yet but this is pretty funny.

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