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Watch: Nicholas Hoult Is A Morally Conflicted Zombie In Trailer For ‘Warm Bodies’

Watch: Nicholas Hoult Is A Morally Conflicted Zombie In Trailer For 'Warm Bodies'

Initially slated to come at the tail end of this summer, “Warm Bodies” was moved to a release date closer to Valentine’s Day presumably to play off its zombie romance center. But judging by this trailer, there might be other reasons it was shifted to an early winter bow.

Based on the book by Isaac Marion, the film stars Nicholas Hoult as a zombie, but the twist here is that he has guilt about eating humans. Hilarious right? A further twist comes along when he falls in love with Teresa Palmer (who wouldn’t) and then *record scratch* it turns out love is able to heal zombies or something. Uhhh, toss in a mugging John Malkovich as the villain (of sorts), and you have a movie that looks a bit tonally uneven. It’s tough to pull off the horror comedy — for every “Shaun of the Dead” there’s five “Lesbian Vampire Killers” — and we’re hoping this is just a case of the trailer not doing justice to the movie.

The Jonthan Levine-directed flick co-stars Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco, Rob Corddry and more and opens on February 1, 2013. Bring a date! [The Film Stage]

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Guilty pleasure much? Hoult is so loveable, can't be that bad!


Wow… I gotta say that this does not look at all bad. I expected something lame but I kinda want to watch this.


this doesn't look thaaaaaaaat weak at all


Doesn't look anywhere as near as I bad as I feared it would. The vibe reminds me of Zombieland. Maybe Palmer and Hoult could finally break out with this?


This looks fun.

Archer Slyce

I don't know … the trailer doesn't look that bad to me and it almost looks like a big (I mean HUGE) extrapolation from what was revolving around the zombie/character called Bub in Romero's Day of the dead. You're right about horror and comedy though, that's a tough job. Also that "love can cure zombism(?)" thingy can be tricky and/or cheesy.

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