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Watch: The First Not-So-Subtle Clip From ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’

Watch: The First Not-So-Subtle Clip From 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'

So, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is getting put into the remake meat grinder once again, this time retitled to the much leaner, more hashtag-friendly “Texas Chainsaw 3D.” And if anything, this first clip proves the movie at least got the title right.

This choppy scene features two good lookin’ young kids who are suddenly terrorized by a stranger who runs from a graveyard to their farm wielding, you guessed it, a chainsaw. These clearly very smart kids decide that there’s no way a chainsaw could get through a wooden barn door, but soon realize they are sadly mistaken. Toss in some hammy acting and a score tailored to make sure you know this is scary, and you have another movie that will be available on DVD soon enough.

Stay outta Texas on January 4, 2013. Watch below. [Latino Review]

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I think there is more to this film than just two kids hiding in a barn shed. The actual plot of the movie revolves around a young woman who inherits a farm only to find out Leatherface and his clan living in the basement. I don’t think this film will live up to the original but the 3D aspect should be fun to watch. I was talking to my DISH co-worker about seeing this movie but my pocketbook is still recovering from the holidays so I think I’m going to wait until this movie is released on DVD. I have a Blockbuster @home account through DISH, once this is released I will add it to the top of my movie queue and pick it up from the store instead of waiting for it in the mail; this way is more convenient for me and I can mail it back when I’m done. I think this movie will work for when I want a scary movie night with friends.

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