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Watch Trailer For New Web Series Starting Tomorrow ‘Diary Of A Champion’

Watch Trailer For New Web Series Starting Tomorrow 'Diary Of A Champion'

The old saying used to be, “another day, another dollar.” Now I think it should be, “another day another web series.”

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s all good. Granted, some are better than others. A few are really good; and some (well more than just some) are just… horrible

But here’s a new web series, which premieres tomorrow, that genuinely looks like it could have some potential.

It’s called Diary of a Champion, and it’s a six-part series which will air bi-weekly, beginning Tuesday, November 6, at 7pm/6c, on YouTube, and the Diary Of A Champion website,

Starring Claudia Jordan (“Deal Or No Deal,” “Celebrity Apprentice”), Nick Steele (“Entourage”, “Californication”, “Secret Life of the American Teenager”), and Erika Ringor (“Love & Basketball”, “Law & Order: LA”, “Parenthood”, “Sons of Anarchy“), the series “delves into the passion, determination and moral crossroads that athletes endure in order to achieve greatness.”

The series was written by Ingeborg C. Eiland, who was inspired by past experiences to write the program. As she says: As an undergraduate athlete, I found the politics of sports and competition intriguing. There was always an interesting story behind each athlete and each sports program. Most people who aren’t athletes, never know the struggles in the sports world and those who are athletes don’t discuss it. As a writer and director, you write from what you know. 

The series was produced by L. Nicole Taylor and co-produced Waukesha Bell and Nikki Love, who also produced Matthew Cherry’s The Last Fall.

Here’s the trailer for the series:

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I can relate to the story, but I wonder who is the intended audience? "I" can relate because I raised and trained 2 world class athletes, one being my daughter. One went on to win a gold medal at the Olympics. One went to the University of Kentucky. As this clip noted, the politics and personal issues comes from all directions. I had "struggles" with their other coaches (high school and college). Also, the female athlete has to fight the negative perceptions of "women in sports" while holding on to their femininity (their bodies physical features go through changes). There's also the "politics" or the hush-hush of recruiting. When I heard that alarm clock go off, I was instantly reminded of the early hours of long boring practice sessions. Yes Ms. Ingeborg C. Eiland, I can relate and I'd be interested to see what you're bring to the table.


Thank God that at least this looks like it has an actual plot and was shot with a high quality camera.

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