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Watch: Who Is Narrating The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Teaser?

Watch: Who Is Narrating The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Teaser?

We’re now a bit more than four months before TV audiences will be returning to Westeros for the third season of “Game Of Thrones,” and HBO is very slowly beginning to get the word out, the first teaser arriving last night and serving up more questions than answers.

Mainly: who exactly is narrating this thing? Running 15 seconds long, we hear a woman intone, “The great war is between life and death, ice and fire. If we lose, the night will never end.” But it doesn’t seem to be Cersei, so who could it be? We leave it to you diehard George R.R. Martin fans to help us out with this one.

“Game Of Thrones” season 3 arrives on March 31, 2013. Watch below. [Dark Horizons]

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Definitely Melisandre ("the Red Woman"). I know because I just read the part in the third book where she says this very line.


My bet…Dame Diana Rigg (From the "Avengers" who makes her first appearance in season 3).


It sounds like Catelyn's voice. It does sound more like something Melisandre would say however.


It is either Quaithe or Selyse Baratheon. Their voices are fairly similar. It's close, but I think it is the voice of Quaithe, though it would make more sense coming from Selyse.


maybe that Community´s janitor lady from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Ray H

As far as content is concerned, it does sound like something Melisandre would say. But unless Carice van Houten has been working on her English accent and deepening her voice in the off season, it doesn't really sound like her. My guess would be on a new character who is also a worshipper of the Lord of Light.


Yeah, most likely Melisandre.
"If we lose, the night will never end" seems in keeping with something she might say to Stannis, and she is known for the line "For the night is dark and full of terrors", so she seems like a pretty good guess.

lauren grabowski



Definitely Quaithe. I’ve always wondered if more scenes were filmed or planned with the character. Unfortunately, it looks like another loose end that won’t be addressed in the show.

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