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Watch: Woman Apologizes for Her Support of Bill O’Reilly & Does a 180 on Global Warming After Watching ‘Chasing Ice’ Doc (Video)

Watch: Woman Apologizes for Her Support of Bill O'Reilly & Does a 180 on Global Warming After Watching 'Chasing Ice' Doc (Video)

This isn’t something you’ll see every day, but a 60-year-old woman who “loves” Bill O’Reilly and has up until now kicked people out of her home for bringing up climate change has admitted the deep impact Jeff Orlowski’s global warming documentary “Chasing Ice” has had on her.

Saying that the film “has changed my life,” the woman very emotionally apologizes to those she refused to listen to and concludes, “Now I have to undo my damage.” Would that the rest of us will be able to undo the damage we’ve done to the planet, but in the meantime here’s one small and hopeful example that people’s minds can be changed.

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Russell Cook (@questionAGW)

Might be worth re-watching in light of the inconvenient truth that both a Media Matters clip and one from CBS News 60 Minutes contradicts what this woman claims about O'Reilly…. and that other bits of her narrative don't add up right:

"Bizarre 'Fox Lies' video: Alleged "Climate-Denying O'Reilly Fan" Now Believes Global Warming is Real"


Some people will believe anything they are brainwashed into. Why then don't these very same people believe the Obama administration isn't destroying their grandchildrens future. I know mine will never be able to have the dream I dreamed of. What in the heck is good health when you won't even be able to live a life other then poverty. Your expense at the empowerment of those to darn lazy to even help contribute to our society by bleeding it.
I don't even listen to the news anymore of read a newspaper with all the Liberal lies they shove down your throat. I'm healthy by not exposing myself to that trash.

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