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Weekend B.O. Nov. 16-18 (Permit Me To Ask A Question About ‘Twilight’…)

Weekend B.O. Nov. 16-18 (Permit Me To Ask A Question About 'Twilight'...)

Do I have to tell you what the number one film was this weekend? What’s the point? Grossing $141 million ($71 million of that just on Friday alone – the sixth largest opening ever), it’s so easy to mock those sparkling vampires movies and the people who love them. But this time I’ll be on my best behavior, for a rare change, and not say anything.

But I do have a question. Do black people watch Twilight movies? I’m not joking.  I’m serious about that, really.  I’ve never thought they would attract any sort of significant number of  black filmgoers. I mean, those movies are so… pale.

If there are those who do,  make yourselves known and tell us why you like them. You can use a fake name if you want to avoid being discovered and harassed.

Skyfall came in strong in its second weekend, and its wordwide total so far is $669 million, soon to sail past the $1 billion mark, the first Bond film ever to do so.

It’s already beat the previous all-time Bond box office champ, Casino Royale, which grossed $600 million worldwide. And in fact there are rumors already that Daniel Craig could get as much as $50 million for the next Bond film, which is currently being written.

The Silver Linings Playbook (which is vastly overrated – take my word for it) and Anna Karenina (which is strikingly original in its conception) both did extremely well in their very limited opening releases, and will expand to more theaters in the next few weeks.

1) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sum. $141,300,000
2) Skyfall Sony $41,500,000 Total: $161,337,000
3) Lincoln BV $21,000,000 Total: $22,419,000
4) Wreck-It Ralph BV $18,312,000 Total: $121,479,000
5) Flight Par. $8,615,000 Total: $61,336,000
6) Argo WB $4,070,000 Total: $92,022,000
7) Taken 2 Fox $2,100,000 Total: $134,624,000
8) Pitch Perfect Uni. $1,260,000 Total: $62,000,000
9) Here Comes the Boom Sony $1,200,000 Total: $41,019,000
10) Cloud Atlas WB $900,000 Total: $24,894,000
11) The Sessions FoxS $900,000 Total: $2,803,000
12) Hotel Transylvania Sony $900,000 Total: $142,700,000

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So white people watch fulm with black actors? Like Tyler Perry? Yes.


Everything single white media production has bee patronized by some black people.


I'm curious. Do all vampires from Brazil wear feathers and skins and enter rooms with jungle music playing?

curious cat

what did "middle of nowhere" gross last week?


I'm African. I read all the books. I saw Breaking Dawn opening night. I loved it!
I did, as alway, notice the lack of darker skinned actresses/actors – I did not appreciate this. This is the reason I hardly ever go to cinema anymore…and when I do, I make a habit of shouting, loud enough for all others in the theaters to hear, "where are all the black people?!" – I only say this when called for, and only at the end of the preview and/or movie … so as not to tarnish anyone's movie watching experience.



Everything on the list is HOT GARBAGE, maybe I might give a look see to LINCOLN, but he was a Depressed Lad. His wife and children died. Then the SLAVERS of the south made the poor Whites fight for an imaginary "social construction"

I'l pass. I do not even watch White people in life, movies or T.V.
I'd rather look at the socially engineered Black coons and jiggaboos before I watch boring Dead looking white folks of any age. At least I KNOW WHY Black folks are the way they are.

Adam Scott Thompson

I'm just glad it's over.


Saw "Skyfall" this weekend…..I don't smoke, but it was so good that I may need a cigarette.


HAAAAA what kind of nonsense question! of course they do. Same ways they watched HP and LOTR. Nonsense.

natasha hove

Yes. I did not watch the first two. The reason being 1) i wanted to know what the fuss was all about 2) as an avid reader the vampire bit is quite a draw 3) its romance (eye candy is good too ..i wont lie ) …there is a lot cheese unfortunately however breaking dawn had some proper head chopping action scenes that i thoroughly enjoyed (lol) and if i remember the part one to it had some good action parts too .

Gigi Young

Yes. My cousin and many of my old HS friends posted on FB about their tickets. I have little interest in the Twilight series, but I do love vampires (old school Buffy fan speaking), and fail to see what race has to do with the type of films one loves.


Check out the pictures of Twilight fans at the premieres. It's a rainbow coalition, plenty of Black folks. These films are also big in Latin America and South Africa. Folks are attracted to the love story the race doesn't matter. They are vampires so of course they are going to be pale, that whole undead thing you know. LOL. This is like asking why White guys like watching the 'Friday' movies when it's only Black actors. Simple:they find it entertaining.


To answer your question about Twilight, I'm not a fan. I think they are horrible. However, I do have a friend who watches them and loves them, because she read the books. I guess it sort of like Harry Potter. I read those books when I was younger (before the films existed) and I went to see all the films. It's a pre-teen childhood thing. If you were exposed to the stories when you were younger then you'll probrably be a fan irregardless of race.

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