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Weekend B.O. Nov.23-25 (A Big Thanksgiving Weekend)

Weekend B.O. Nov.23-25 (A Big Thanksgiving Weekend)

A lot of people were pretty much in a film-going spirit and went out to see movies, resulting in one of the biggest Thanksgiving film holiday seasons in recent years.

Nothing really could be considered a real box office disappointment, though Dreamworks Animation’s The Rise of the Guardians, while not a bust by a long shot, was expected to do somewhat better.

What’s more interesting at the moment is the terrific box office showing, so far, for Flight, a serious, R rated drama about addiction that wouldn’t have been a problem for a major studio back during the 1970’s or 80’s, but nowadays would be considered as a huge box office risk, and would stay away from, even with an A-list actor such as Denzel Washington in the lead.

But as Tambay reported a few days ago (HERE), the fact that Washington took a 90% cut in his usual salary, with everyone else as well, taking major pay cuts to get the film made for $28 million, because they all believed in the material, shows that films like this and Argo can be made.

And, at this point, Flight is looking to do over $90 million easy, with Argo soon to hit the $100 million mark, proving that there definitely still is an audience for this type of adult movie. 

1) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sum. $43,070,000 Total: $226,951,000
2) Skyfall Sony $36,000,000 Total: $221,720,000 $200
3) Life of Pi Fox $30,150,000
4) Lincoln BV $25,020,000 Total: $62,178,000
5) Rise of the Guardians P/DW $24,025,000 Total: $32,607,000
6) Wreck-It Ralph BV $16,760,000 Total: $149,512,000
7) Red Dawn FD $14,600,000 Total: $22,000,000 $65
8) Flight Par. $8,600,000 Total: $74,880,000
9) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $4,623,000 Total: $6,451,000
10) Argo WB $3,875,000 Total: $98,114,000

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So many things for which I am thankful this fall season. Among them: (1) Denzel Washington did not shout, "King Kong ain't got nothin on me," during the NTSB hearing in Flight. Also, that Washington did not force Don Cheadle to smoke a crack pipe. (2) David Oyewolo did not command Daniel Day-Lewis to,"Give us free," in pigdin English for Lincoln. Also, that neither Gloria Reuben nor S. Epatha Merkelson told their employers that, "Fried chicken jess make everythang better." (3) Emayatzy Corinealdi did not squeal to David Oyewolo, "Make me feel guuuuud," like a stuck, drunken pig in Middle of Nowhere. (4) Naomi Harris managed to deliver a sexy, high-profile, key performance in an international movie without being dragged through dirt, gang-raped, branded, caged, or whipped in Skyfall.


Love it! I haven't seen Flight yet, but movies like that (and Argo, which I have seen) are right up my alley!

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