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Weekend B.O. Nov. 9-11 (Bond Rules The World)

Weekend B.O. Nov. 9-11 (Bond Rules The World)

After 50 years on screen, James Bond can still pull them in. Skyfall grossed nearly $88 million this weeknd in its U.S. opening. It’s far and away the biggest opening ever for a Bond film.

Add to that this weekend’s box office overseas numbers, and Skyfall has grossed, to date, almost $519 million worldwide, and there’s no let up in sight. The sky is not falling. There’s no limit.

Meanwhile, Flight held strong, reaching a total, so far, of almost $48 million, and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which opened this weekend in a limited release on only 11 screens, made $900,000, for an $81,000 per screen average. The third best opening this year for any film under 15 screens. The film will expand to more screens in the following weeks.

RZA’a The Man with the Iron Fist dropped big, though Wreck-it-Ralph and Argo held on strong.

1) Skyfall Sony $87,800,000
2) Wreck-It Ralph BV $33,056,000 Total: $93,690,000
3) Flight Par. $15,100,000 Total: $47, 7770,000
4) Argo WB $6,745,000 Total: $85,711,000
5) Taken 2 Fox $4,000,000 otal: $131,287,000
6) Here Comes the Boom Sony $2,550,000 otal: $39,061,000
7) Cloud Atlas WB $2,525,000 Total: $22,712,000
8) Pitch Perfect Uni. $2,504,000 Total: $59,030,000
9) The Man with the Iron Fists Uni. $2,490,000 Total: $12,718,000
10) Hotel Transylvania Sony $2,350,000 Total: $140,904,000
11) Paranormal Activity 4 Par. $2,020,000 Total: $52,641,000
12) Sinister Sum. $1,450,000 Total: $45,054,000

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I read the title as "Bond Rules THE END of the World". LOL *sigh* Is is December 12th? No? Not yet? Okay. Question: Will there be a "Taken 3"???


And what happened to Alex Cross? Wait, don't answer that Lol.


After all that hype Man With The Iron Fist didn't live up to the hype and the box office shows. RZA's not a good actor and should stick to directing, and the film was a hack job. The fact that he's lining up all these projects is interesting. I want to see what he does out of under Tarantino's and Roth's shadows.


Poor Cloud Atlas. I wonder what happened to its audience? Some people listen to reviews, but a lot of people ignore reviews….bad word of mouth, maybe?


Bond was freaking awesome! Naomie Harris was gorgeous, though under-used in the film. But I thought it was $7.50 well spent.

Mark & Darla

My my my, I could say a lot but I won't.

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