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What Happened To Wendy Williams’ Biopic, You Ask? The ‘Queen Of Media’ Answers The Question…

What Happened To Wendy Williams' Biopic, You Ask? The 'Queen Of Media' Answers The Question...

It was about 2 weeks ago when Sergio asked that very question – What happened to Queen of Media (that’s the film’s title)? The $3 million movie loosely-based on Wendy’s Got the Heat (a best-selling autobiography by Wendy Williams, detailing her rise to fame – drug addiction, divorce, miscarriages, infidelity, and more) which starred Robin Givens in the title role, and was directed by Furqaan Clover and Richard S. Miller.

Shot in 2008/2009, the movie was never released, and was believed to be pretty much dead – at least by those who actually were following its progress (I’d completely forgotten about it until Sergio’s post 2 weeks ago).

And maybe as if in reaction to that post, BET caught up with Wendy Williams and asked her about the status of the film. This is what she had to say (essentially what we thought had probably happened, although she does expound a bit more in the video clip, giving specific reasons why – like maybe a better one could be made by someone else); watch and listen:

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So, in summary she wasn't satisfied with the finished product based on her book. Starting her show doesn't keep the movie from being released. It is so funny when she says that she and Halle made a connection, because there is just dead air for a few seconds. LOL!!!

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