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Why Does David Lynch Think Digital Cinema Is “Pretty Beautiful” for Indie Filmmakers?

Why Does David Lynch Think Digital Cinema Is "Pretty Beautiful" for Indie Filmmakers?

The mercurial David Lynch, who, sadly, has not made a feature for six years, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter while he was in Poland recently to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Plus Camerimage festival.

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What Lynch had to say is as confounding as always, but while he does not sound eager to make another film himself he does throw a hopeful light on young writers and directors trying to make a go of indie filmmaking. In response to a question about where he stands on digital cinema, Lynch said this:

What it will do is let people express ideas that they love, whereas before they could not afford to express these ideas. Now they can. The problem is, there are no more art houses left, really. There are just blockbuster theaters for the sole purpose of making money. The Internet is the friend of the independent filmmaker now. So it might be harder to find an audience for your work, but those things that are relevant for today and are considered “cool” — they’ll find an audience. And it’s pretty beautiful.

Read Karsten Kastelan’s full interview with Lynch at

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Why no films from David Lynch ? It occurred to me he'd be the man to re-make 'The Day of the Locust' – the Shlesinger version sucked. There's no shortage of adaptable stories out there – come on Lynch, surely money isn't a problem for you like it is for these internet film makers that you champion.

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