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Will You See ‘Star Wars: Episode II & III’ In 3D When They Hit Theaters In September & October 2013?

Will You See 'Star Wars: Episode II & III' In 3D When They Hit Theaters In September & October 2013?

With IMAX screenings all the rage, is the bloom fading on 3D? 20th Century Fox may have shelved their plans to re-release the blockbuster “Independence Day” in 3D this morning, but lest you think they’ve given up on the medium, think again. Announced as fall 2013 releases in late summer of this year, Fox (who has always distributed the movies for LucasFilm) has now dated the 3D re-releases of “Star Wars: Episode II – “Attack of the Clones” and   “Star Wars: Episode III – “Revenge of the Sith” for September 20, 2013 and October 4th, 2013, respectively.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” only grossed $43 millon domestically when it was re-upped in 3D earlier this year in February, which might have suggested the fanbase wasn’t ready to revist these films. And while it feels like a low figure when you consider prints and adverstising and the meticulous care that probably went into the 3D conversion — the film did post almost $23 million in its opening weekend of re-release, which is nothing to sneeze at. And it evidently was enough to keep the suits happy and keep the brand going for a new generation of kids to buy the toys, the Legos, the board games and every other lucrative spin-off that keeps this series going as a billion-dollar franchise.

What about Disney who acquired rights to LucasFilm and the Star Wars brand to the tune of $4 billion late last month? While they won’t profit from it directly, indirectly, it just keeps audiences and consumers pumped for “Star Wars: Episode VII” arriving in 2015, so they’ll be plenty happy that Fox is essentially giving them free lead-up advertising. Now that the franchise is owned by two studios, it will be interesting to see if they broker some kind of deal as Fox retains distribution rights to the original “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” in perpetuity in all media worldwide. Fox also owns the theatrical, non-theatrical and home video rights worldwide for all the other “Star Wars” films through 2020 — and then rights revert back to Disney.

But Fox essentially owns full rights to ‘A New Hope’ until the end of time. So when the new trilogy is complete and George Lucas/Disney/LucasFilm want to release an ultimate nine film Blu-ray box set, well they better be willing to pay Fox a king’s ransom in a negotiation because the studio will have them over a barrel if they don’t like what they’re offered. One assumes they will come to an agreement with Fox taking a fairly substantial slice of the profits for allowing Disney to license the film for DVD and Blu-ray.

As for the quality of ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Revenge of the Sith’ in 3D? The films are dreadful and 3D will do little to enhance the experience, but quality is likely something that won’t enter the conversation in ‘Star Wars’ films until the verdict is in on ‘Episode VII.’ But are you willing to give these another shot? Let us know below.

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I took a pass on Phantom Menace in 3D. I don't need to see that again. But what is wrong with II and III (especially II) can be mostly solved with editing. They could have saved some labor on conversion as well if they had conformed to The Phantom Edit or Attack of the Edit which trimmed out a lot of Jar Jar and awful dialogue. Attack of the Edit also adds in Padme's visit to her family, which would have grounded the movie and made the characters more relate-able. Shame that was discarded so more running time could be lavished on Jedi unnecessarily fighting robots they could deactivate or crush with the Force. There still may be hope for Clones. Trim, tim, trim that crap. I might be able to tolerate seeing it, but I can only stomach the Original Trilogy. Preferably with Han shooting and Greedo not firing at all, and none of the Blu Ray meddling like the "Noooooooo!" Vader now has in Return of the Jedi.


I hope that part of any deal between Disney and Fox allows the iconic 20th Century Fox ID to be part of the new trilogy. If it's missing, it will feel like there's something wrong.


III was the worst one because it was the best bit of the story and he totally f*cked it up. Totally, completely, and utterly f*cked it up.


III is not 'dreadful' and that opening battle & the climactic fight alone would be pretty awesome to see in 3D.

Stevo the Magnificent

If all three prequels were extensively re-edited to make them tighter and more focused, plus visual effects upgraded to the same flawless standard, then maybe, but they won't so neither will I… simple really!


No Fucking Way




at the very least this suggests we'll get IV, V & VI in 3D eventually, which i may need to check out…

3D Ugh

No idea why anyone truly likes 3D – especially if you wear glasses for eyesight. Two pairs of glasses are uncomfortable at best. But reverse engineering 2D films into a so-called 3D experience — just FAILS. It looks planar — like old time cell animation in unskilled hands.
So, I hate 3D (wouldn't watch it even if free and I had to pay for 2D) – but LOVE IMAX for those movies which make proper use of the format — most notably, Chris Nolan.


Yes. III is my favorite (part nostalgia don't kill me). II is inadvertently funny.

Daryl Hannah

HELL no.


Of course! I love everything Star Wars! I could do without Episode II, but Episode III is my second favorite to Empire. Can't wait to watch in 3D!


of course not

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