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Arsenio Hall Brings The Dog Pound Back In 1st Promo For ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ (Debuts 9/13)

Arsenio Hall Brings The Dog Pound Back In 1st Promo For 'The Arsenio Hall Show' (Debuts 9/13)

Well, they aren't wasting anytime, are they? 

The new show doesn't debut for almost another year, but CBS has already released the first promo for it.

We've reported on Arsenio Hall's return to late night TV, which was announced as some months ago, with September 9, 2013 debut date, via CBS TV Distribution.

Watch (excited?):

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Just saw the opening of the new show 9/9/2013, totally sucked, I give the show three months.


I have every show on VHS and I cant wait for the new show to come out. I loved the arsenio Hall first begin with Luther Vandross and ended with Luther Vandross.


I give it a year. BTW: What's up with the extras not even knowing how to do the bark? Embarrassing.


at the very wack tibute to eddie murphy that aired recently arsenio had the joke of the night


he said when coming to america was in pre production, eddie said that he wanted to play multiple characters in the film.Arsenio started yelling at him about how lot of Black actors work when eddie does a film, and it's hard for Black actors to land gigs,etc,etc. Eddie said "I want YOU to play multiple roles, too. Arsenio said "you know what ,F those Negroes, let them find their OWN jobs"


Yassssssss!!! Hunnnnnaaayy Yassss!!!! Love his show……

Erik W

His show is so needed. No late show has really been able to duplicate it.


And according to Arsenio, Prince will be the first musical guest. Must See TV.

Monique a Williams

I'm soooo excited! The last time he was on air, I was too young to stay up past the monologue. If I could see the first guest, I was thrilled!

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