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Billy Campbell Won’t Be Coming Back For ‘The Killing’ Season 3

Billy Campbell Won't Be Coming Back For 'The Killing' Season 3

Though it met an early demise this past summer after a lackluster second season, AMC drama “The Killing” got a second chance at life when the cable network announced they would be bringing the show back, with Netflix likely handling a share of the costs. While both Mirielle Enos and Joel Kinnaman are set to return, it seems that other members of the ensemble won’t be back for the new season.

Variety is reporting that Billy Campbell won’t reprise his role of Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmond in the third season. The grieving parents of the murdered Rosie Larsen, played by Brent Sexton and Michelle Forbes, will also not be making any appearances in the returning show as it makes a clean break from the mystery that took two increasingly frustrating seasons to solve.

Not many shows get a second chance — especially after getting outright cancelled — so we hope showrunner Veena Sud and the writers will bring back the show in top form. Are there any changes you’d like to see happen on the show? “The Killing” will air its third season next May.

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I see no evidence that Campbell has decided to leave the series — simply that his character isn't returning; that is to say, he didn't make the choice; the writers did. His character's arc is complete; he was proven to be even creepier, in some ways, than Rosie's killers, and like many of those politicians who represent us.

It would be nice if very unprofessional hater TV critics would not sell this news as though it's a sign the show has lost the faith of its actors. Season 2 was great, by the way. I just want a compelling new story with the same funny, charming interaction between the leads.


Since Billy Campbell won't be returning, it's VERY DOUBTFUL I'll watch the "The Killing" when it returns. "She seems to only have one facial expression." I believe that Actress is Mirielle Enos. Joel Kinnaman will be the new ROBOCOP (I'm not going to get up on my soap box about REMAKES!).

Carol K

Vena Sud isn't an actress…. She didn't "appear" in either of THE KILLING seasons.

I am thrilled that they are doing SEASON THREE.


I won't be returning for the third season either.
The first season was excellent, but when they decided they were not going to resolve it at the end of the first season, and then dragged it on through the second adding completely absurd twists and secondary story lines, they lost me.
The only thing that held me through to the end of the second season was Billy Campbell. We do not get to see him very often. But even Billy could not have made me torture myself through a third season, so I was relieved that there would not be one.
Veena Sud is a drag as an actress. She seems to have only one facial expression… like she had forgotten her next line and was waiting for someone to hold up the cue cards.
Joel Kinnaman was fantastic! Hope to see him in a lot more shows.

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