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Boston Globe Film Critic Likens Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Django’ Character To Black Republicans

Boston Globe Film Critic Likens Samuel L. Jackson's 'Django' Character To Black Republicans

To let you in on something, we had decided that we had been Django’d out here on S & A; But wouldn’t you know it? Something comes along that caught my eye, and I just couldn’t help myself. The film is like the gift that just keeps on giving.

So what’s happened now? Well people are beginning to notice that, in his review for Django Unchained, the Boston Globe’s critic Wesley Morris, who is African-American, compared Samuel L. Jackson’s Stephen character to black Republicans.

Morris praised the film and Jackson’s performance, saying that “his vision of depraved loyalty and bombastic jive cuts right past the obvious association with Uncle Tom. The movie is too modern for what Jackson is doing to be limited to 1853. He’s conjuring the house Negro, yes, but playing him as though he were Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes or Herman Cain or Michael Steele, men whom some black people find embarrassing.”

Needless to say, white conservative pundits are already having a fit over Morris’ review. But so far, as yet, no comment from any of the four people mentioned or from any black Republican for that matter.

You think they’re going to keep quiet, or will one of them say something eventually? Ya think?

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jeanettes daughter

y'all funny. you don't have to be a black republican or even a black conservative to believe the the white man's ice is colder! just a fool. and possibly dangerous — like stephen.

Miles Ellison

He left out Larry Elder.

Kid chaos

For the New year sergio needs to be gone.


Say what again muthaf*ka…I dare you…I double dare you! Mind if I drink your tasty beverage to WASH this down…


Thomas, West, et al are too busy holding up lanterns on the GOP's front porch. They won't reply.


Big Yawn. Enough with this and all the doubletalk. Some of y'all praise a review that's analytical and goes in deep on its reading of the film because the assessment matches your own. But when another review that's analytical and goes in deep on its reading of the film doesn't give an assessment that you like, the same people say those people are taking the film too seriously or reading too much into it. Either it's serious enough to be deeply analyzed or it's not. GTFOH


Black people being called Uncle Toms. Guess the only thing that's new is that there's a character to point to.


Samuel L. Jackson needs to learn how to act first of all. Can't he ever do any different voice cadences or inflections. He's in Django sounding like the same idiot from Pulp Fiction or Snakes on a plane. Acting lessons are needed – when he opened his mouth it took me right out of the movie

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