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Campaign Underway To Get Beyonce To Drop Pepsi Deal

Campaign Underway To Get Beyonce To Drop Pepsi Deal

Following up on Tambay’s item last week about Beyonce’s $50 million deal with Pepsi, The Washington D.C. based public heath advocacy organization, The Center for Science in the Public Interest, has issued an open letter to Beyonce, asking her to seriously reconsider the deal.

The deal, which is basically a very lucrative one for Beyonce, will see her promote Pepsi in TV commericals, print and other media, even with her face on certain Pepsi cans; the deal also supposedly will finance the singer’s “chosen creative projects” and a “creative content development fund;” although whatever those mean, is up to anybody.

However, according to the L.A. Times, the Center, in the letter, says that the singer should not let her name and image be used to promote Pepsi-Cola – a product that contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and other health problems in adults and children.

The open letter further goes on to say that: “You occupy a unique position in the cultural life of this country and are an inspiring role model for millions of young people. Your image is one of success, health, talent, fitness, and glamour. But by lending your name and image to PepsiCo, you are associating those positive attributes with a product that is quite literally sickening Americans.

And the letter goes even more explicit stating that: “Each additional sugary drink consumed per day increases the likelihood of a child becoming obese by 60 percent, according to the letter. Each soda consumed per day increases the risk of heart disease in men by 19 percent. Drinking one or two sugary drinks per day increases one’s risk for type 2 diabetes by 25 percent. Diabetes, in turn, can cause complications including amputation, erectile dysfunction, blindness, coma, and early death. Almost all obesity-related health problems have a disproportionate impact on low-income, African-American, and Hispanic communities.

I have to admit that they have a point. I thought the same thing myself when the announcement of the deal was first announced. She wouldn’t promote vodka for sure, but why soda drinks? Aren’t they just as bad? I mean, do you really believe that she actually drinks the stuff?

But the odds of her cancelling the deal to promote good health, are between slim and none… make that none and none.

What do you say?

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no matter how much money an artists makes, sponsorship is vital. it's money they don't have to get and pay back to the record corp. to fund a tour (travel, expenses, wages, equipment, promo, merch., etc).

i would tell them to have several seats


Utterly Ludicrous. This feigned outraged has gotten out of hand. Instead. They need to take their silly act to the CORPORATIONS & United States Government, Regulatory Committee, and FOOD & DRUG committee. But NOOOOOOOOO, they want to go after BLACK FOLKS and denigrate their name. Actually, they fugged with the WRONG ONE. Bey have a LEGION of Braindead Fans. And you can bet your bottom dollar that they are bombarding that little known unheard of USELESS not-for-profit. Besides, The black community is BEING POISONED BY MORE THAN pepsi. All the cheap salty/sweets, no vegggies, no fruit, bad AIR, and hazardous drinking water. And all they endocrine disrupters from pesticides from American Sprayed crops in and out of America.


This complaint is so damn pathetic.


The board of education is not asking celebrities not to become famous without getting a GED so…


you are on point ninag!


None to none. That money and that deal will stay in tact. I think the "backlash" is a little harsh. Beyonce's been cosigned with Pepsi a couple of times throughout her career. Was the League of Public Interest campaigning for Cindy Beyonce, Pink and Britney and JLo to stop drinking Pepsi way back when? (2003/4/5/6)??? They need to fall back. Perhaps had the AMOUNT of the deal NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED then maybe, just maybe nobody would give it notice. ONE THING that's cool about it is that they are partnering with her to produce her creative products—paying for her to put something "good" back out into the universe. Even on the heels (a year later) of her campaign for healthy eating and being active that she did for FLOTUS, what's wrong with having a "pop" every now and again? People been drinking Pepsi and Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper since sugarcane was plucked from fields and dehydrated and sprinkled atop carbon water. The organization might be doing a good deed, but if they are going to call Beyonce out on her business dealings CALL ALL OF THEM (spokespersons) OUT for the bad joo-joo-mah-gumbo of the products they endorse. Beyonce might "buy" a cartload full of sody-water but I bet that cartload would last a whole year (maybe longer) before she personally drank it all. Moderation. These folks are just picking on her…………. Sometimes maybe these celebs and/or the companies they sign with should keep even the most general aspects of their deal a secret. We know she is worth millions. What's fifty more? LOL (translation: who cares to know that other than Forbes). And…scene.


This other comments pretty much sum up my opinion as well! Glad we can pretty much agree that its not up to these celebs to raise our kids, its on us! Pepsi and all these other endorsements have been around since Michael Jackson, so don't expect it to suddenly disappear. Parents should control what their kids put into their bodies!


This other comments pretty much sum up my opinion as well! Glad we can pretty much agree that its not up to these celebs to raise our kids, its on us! Pepsi and all these other endorsements have been around since Michael Jackson, so don't expect it to suddenly disappear. Parents should control what their kids put into their bodies!


Completely disagree that Beyonce should be forced to consider her Pepsi deal. Instead, let's send a letter to parents asking them to do a better job of regulating what their children drink. Beyonce cannot be forced to parent Blue Ivy and everyone else's child. Yes, she received the deal because of her influence, but soda existed before this advertisement, and I'm positive people will drink it after this advertisement. Why even have parents anymore when we expect celebrities to raise everyone's child? Can we actually speak on what is really important on this topic? Why are "bad foods" much more expensive than organic, and healthier, options? That's the conversation we should be having. We can't expect consumers to stop their eating habits when they are doing what they can afford.

Zaidi B

Here's a chance to prove Harry Belafonte wrong.


How about the parents of the kids regulate how much soda their kids drink instead of asking Beyonce to raise their kids for them? Also, the kids are going to drink soda any damn way. This is pure grand standing.


Soooo Rush Card—-OK, Jay Z Puff Daddy liquor endorsements—OK….. then here comes Beyonce (lawd am I defending Beyonce) —-wait wait give that 50 mill back cause soda is dangerous and YOU should be conscientious.


WTF! There is NO POINT! Stop blaming celebrities for what you as parents should be doing! This is NOT Beyonce problem!


If these people don't find something better do. How many celebrities promote alcohol? How many of them promote products made in sweatshops? How many politicians are screwing us over and were worried about soda? Too much of anything will kill you so stop the nonsense already.


Oh my god! Now the woman is being attavked for drinking soda! SODA! I can't with these people. Yup before Beyonce, kids NEVER drank soda. Nope, it's all beyonce's fault. wow….! people will attack beyonce for anything

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