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Christopher Nolan Responds To ‘Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Justice League’ Tie-In Rumors, Storyline Reportedly Revealed

Christopher Nolan Responds To 'Dark Knight Rises' & 'Justice League' Tie-In Rumors, Storyline Reportedly Revealed

So, about a week ago rumors surfaced that the brewing “Justice League” movie would have the God-like Darkseid as the villain of the superhero team-up movie. But just what will his nefarious plot be? Well, if this latest buzz is anything to go by, his scheme will certainly require a few hands on deck.

Latino Review is reporting that the script by “Gangster Squad” writer Will Beall is taking its inspiration from the comics, specifically Gerry Conway‘s Justice League Of America 183-185 storyline in the 1980 run. So what does it involve? Well, Darkseid tries to destory Earth by using a special ray to move his home planet of Apokolips into its planetary orbit. So, yeah, it sounds suitably blockbuster-esque but also slightly ridiculous, and certainly not from the grounded world of Christopher Nolan‘s superhero approach.

Speaking of which, remember the rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be reprising his Nightwing/Robin/whatever role from “The Dark Knight Rises” in “Justice League” that was promptly shut down? Well, Movieline had the stones to ask Nolan directly about it and he said: “I can’t talk about that. You know that.” BUT WAIT, IF THERE WAS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT WHY WOULD HE SAY HE *CAN’T* ABOUT IT. Sorry, just had to get that out of the way, but it will likely be the line used by many hoping for some kind of crossover or link between those two movies.

So there are your geek rumor mill updates for the day. Is this Apokolips storyline the way to go? Let us know.

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I don't get it. These characters can't exist in the Nolan Batman universe without completely undermining the integrity of it. Like that's the whole point of Nolan's Batman for christsakes. Surely someone at WB has worked that out? Yes, I'm late to this discussion, I know.

I think Nolan's reply "I can't talk about that. You know that" is a euphemism for "I don't want to talk about this f*cking nonsense anymore, please stop f*cking asking me."


That better not seriously be the storyline, that is so fucking dumb if it is. I can't believe they're going from Nolan's trilogy to this.


they wanna be the first if this blows up or ends up being an actual story at some point.
but don't worry, they'll hate on it if it gets shot down :)


Justice League sounds a little too much like Avengers 2.


My thought is that the JGL in Justice League rumor actually originated from a very real idea and conversation within Warner Bros that leaked out, but it is just an idea at this point, so of course JGL's rep said it wasn't true, because it hasn't happened yet if at all. Anyway, it probably got misconstrued and the idea is that JGL would not play Batman but "Robin"/"Nightwing" whatever you want to call it in Justice League.


Seriously, why do you guys report on this crap? It's so meaningless.

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