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CNN Presents Another ‘Black In America’ Special (…Groan….)

CNN Presents Another 'Black In America' Special (...Groan....)


CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is going all black and cultural again, which means it’s yet again, time for another of her patented Black In America specials for CNN.

Or as I like to call them, her “Let’s-explain to-white-people-just how-weird-and-screwed-up-black-people-are” specials. I mean, really again?

Let’s face it. These programs are not made for us. I think we know pretty well what it like to be Black in America, and O’Brien can do 1000 of these shows and it still would just scratch the surface. So if they’re not made for us, then who?  Hmmmmmmmm.

In fact, last year, I actually talked to O’Brien about who the real audience for these specials were, and she basically danced around the issue, giving me some rehearsed, pre-packaged generalizations, but not answering my question directly.

Anyway, in case you’re interested this latest installment, which will premiere this Sunday Dec. 9, at 8PM/7PM Central, focuses on Who is Black in America?, in which the show will examinie if “being black is determined by the color your skin, by your family, by what society says or something else.”

Oh boy. You just know where this is going. Do I hear “tragic mullatos” anyone? And I’m sure the Vice President of Explaining All Things Black to White People Who Talks a Million Miles a Minute, better known as Michael Eric Dyson, is sure to make a guest appearance on the show.

Here’s a clip from the program:

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One of the reasons I neither miss cable TV nor CNN. This is so basic (lol)! I'd rather re-watch one of Henry Louis Gates' old PBS specials.


When I saw the commercials a few weeks back I did groan. Is she going to do Who is Latino in America too? Kind of funny that CNN picks a woman who is not the best candidate to explain either culture to the world as the host for these "informative" shows. But I guess when you don't have many prominent black or latino news anchors at your network you make do with what you've got.


There is no comment I could make that wasn't covered in your succinct article on this. Jesus, would someone please tell these folks that ever since there was "ever since" there have been folks of varied shades whose color bespeaks there genealogy. People are asked who they are because of these reasons, but also because they have different speech patterns, speak different languages, etc. Don't feel too special that folks ask about who you are … when they start telling you what you can or can't do after you answer the question, that's when you start participating in CNN specials with your "I am just human" retorts.

By now we should all know Soledad does this to explore herself and her own insecurities, rather than address any big questions about society.


Sigh this is like beating a dead horse.

this dude

I like the specials it offers insight to aspects of my experince which I may not be aware of…


Judging from that clip, Soledad should've called it "The Redbones Strike Back". LOL & SMH at the bs.

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