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David Talbert To Write And Direct Indie Feature ‘Preacher’s Son’

David Talbert To Write And Direct Indie Feature 'Preacher's Son'

Even though he’s currently deep in post-production with his latest film, the rom-com Baggage Claim, with Paula Patton, Djimon Hounsou, Taye Diggs and Derek Luke, writer/director David Talbert (First Sunday) already has his next film project all set.

Talbert will write and direct the feature film Preacher’s Son for the L.A. based, newly created, independent film and television production company Ironic Prods.

The story deals with a young man, who, due to certain circumstances, is forced to steal $200,000 from his father’s church. He then, in turn, sets out on a series of bank robberies to get back the money before anyone at the church notices. Of course complications ensue, as they must.

The film, which is reported to have a budget of $12 million,  is scheduled to start shooting during the summer of 2013 in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

No word on casting yet, but stay tuned.

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This actually sounds like a good idea. This film isn't FIRST SUNDAY. It's actually sounding like it's something that many people need to see, such as what a preacher's kid is really like. I'm curious to hear the full story. Could be something good…


Looks like those who are already in the filmmaking business are too afraid to write and direct something ORIGINAL. Stop the madness and get out of the box you put yourself in to appease certain people. Write something new and exciting and not the same old tired formula just because it worked or continues to work for non-thinking people. Music and Film assist in the thinking of our people and if you continue to put out that garbage then the masses will continue to be in the same mental predicament.


Didn't Ice Cube do this film already too…. first sunday or something like that. When in God's name will we have some original storylines from more Black filmmakers? Every other audience gets movies like Skyfall, Superhero movies, Sci Fi and so on and we get cross dressers, cheating spouses and church movies… so sick of it. Where is our Black James Bond? Where are our superheroes? Why do we think so locally when there is an international audience out there? SMDH!!!


Finally! Something original. A film about some preacher's kid.

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