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Everything AND The Kitchen Sink In 1st Trailer For Unnecessary ‘Scary Movie 5’

Everything AND The Kitchen Sink In 1st Trailer For Unnecessary 'Scary Movie 5'

Marlon Wayans’ A Haunted House looks far funnier, and more interesting than what I see in this trailer.

This isn’t exactly a project we would’ve expected Malcolm D. Lee (The Best ManRoll BounceUndercover Brother) to direct next, if at all, but I guess work is work. A paycheck is a paycheck.

His upcoming Scary Movie 5 will see several real-life *troubled* celebs make fun of themselves (like Katt Williams, Lindsay LohanMike TysonHeather Locklear and Charlie Sheen) in a continuation of the popular spoof franchise.

Malcolm Lee directed Scary Movie 5 from a script penned by David Zuckerwho wrote and directed the last 2 installments of the franchise.

Zucker and Lee are producers for Dimension Films.

This will be Lee’s first film since 2008, and as I say in the title of the post, this short teaser goes beyond spoofing scary movies; there are nods to Inception, Madea, Black Swan, and other titles I can’t think of at the moment. Unfortunately, it all looks rather trite, and like yesterday’s news. I don’t know who’ll be rushing out to see this. Let’s hope they put the franchise to bed after this; although I’m sure it has its audience.


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yes eva since i ain't seen madea N a long time i wanna c diz movie,Rite now!


That trailer started off bad but picked up with the humor half way to the end. It wasn't that bad.


I see the Caucasian lineage is showing in Jasmine Guy's face. She has not aged gracefully. Wasn't she just agreeing about being tired of playing a black woman, and not mixed race in film? Guess you're black when there's enough green.


Why is the trailer so unfunny for the most part?


It would have been a lot better with Anna Faris (Cindy) and Regina Hall (Brenda).


I liked all the Scary Movies except for part 4. I'm a person who loves humor, and can find it in anything no matter how corny. Some people will be upset or perhaps already upset because they're spoofing "Madea". I'm not sure I will make it to the movies to watch this, but when it comes to RedBox, I will more than likely rent.


I never watched any of these recent spoof movies, but I'm looking at this, and I think it's gonna make tons of cash.


Haven't already seen A Haunted House I can tell you that it really is very funny. Scary Movie looks just sad and desperate


Wait! Jasmine Guy is in this? Who knew?

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