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Exclusive: Poster For The Documentary ‘The Perfect Human Diet’

Exclusive: Poster For The Documentary 'The Perfect Human Diet'

It’s the holidays, which means over the next few weeks it’s going to be a veritable orgy of feasting at work parties, family get togethers and more, as turkey, chocolate, stuffing, sweets and candy cane ice cream will all be devoured between now and New Year’s Eve. But at some point on January 1st we’ll awaken, probably hungover, look in the mirror, and wonder where on Earth that spare tire came from and why our pajama bottoms are suddenly tighter. Eating is part of our culture, and sadly, obesity is becoming a part of that as well, but one documentary proposes to have the answer.

The Perfect Human Diet” brings together scientists and researchers in archaeological science, paleo and forensic anthropology, nutrition and metabolism, biomolecular archaeology, and much more to look at the history of the human diet and try and parse out what we should ideally be eating to maximize our health and well being. And in this exclusive poster for the film, it’s pretty clear where that argument lies.

See if you agree when “The Perfect Human Diet” goes VOD on December 21st. 

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David Getoff, CCN FAAIM

Never ceases to make me smile when a long time vegan comes to me for help, and is very surprised at how many areas of their health begin to improve when the food their DNA has been missing is added back into their diet. But only the healthy forms, such as Grass fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry and eggs etc.


Thanks for putting this on the radar. I'll definitely check this out.


hamburger. clearly, we all need to eat more hamburger. it's good for you.

Joe Brancaleone

Saw this doc and I thought it was pretty well done. Whether its convincing to skeptics, I'm not sure. I can personally attest to the ease in which overall health is achieved when going back to a diet composed of real foods like grass fed meats, seafood, organic veggies, nuts, tubers, etc. But I still find it humorous that there would be pushback against a movement like this to get us eating as closely to the original diet of real whole foods that made us human in the first place. Our genome is unchanged and still has the expectation of certain nutrient requirements and environmental pressures to thrive. But I suppose there are many interests in protecting the status quo for large populations to consume diets mainly of empty carbohydrates – calories that provide quick energy to make it through another day, but long term getting ourselves as a species sick, suboptimal in how we look, feel and perform, as we starve the brain and transform our gut bacteria for the worst.

The only shortcoming of this film is it does not stress the importance of seafood and shellfish nearly enough. Name any nutritional deficiency the general population is currently lacking – zinc, iodine, DHA, mg, iron, copper… and fish and shellfish provide these things in abundance, far more than any other food on the planet. It explains the success of the Mediterranean diet, the "French paradox", the historically chronicled superior health and vitality of the Inuit (prior to their adopting Western diet and lifestyle), and so on.

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