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First, Preacher’s Wives; Now Lifetime Orders New Reality Series ‘Preacher’s Daughters’ (We’re Sorry)

First, Preacher's Wives; Now Lifetime Orders New Reality Series 'Preacher's Daughters' (We're Sorry)

My goodness! When does this madness stop?!

It was just a week ago when we announced that TLC (not VH1 surprisingly) had added a new reality show titled Sisterhood, to its lineup; the new series will follow the “larger-than-life” lives of preacher wives (aka First Ladies) who work to ensure that their families and churches run smoothly.

And now this, via press release from A+E Networks


Program to Provide Profound Look at Lives of Pastors’ Daughters and their Parents While Balancing Pressures of Adolescence and Honoring Household Beliefs

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 6, 2012) – Lifetime has picked up Preachers’ Daughters, an all-new family docusoap that will follow the lives of teenage pastors’ daughters and their watchful parents as they balance the temptations of adolescence with the expectations of following household beliefs. The announcement was made today by Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President, Programming, of Lifetime Networks.

A profound and hard-hitting, but often humorous, look at the daily pressures typical teenagers face, Preachers’ Daughters captures the intense moral, social, sexual and spiritual conflicts these daughters endure as they weigh whether or not to break free from the strong beliefs, time-honored traditions and rituals their loving, but strict, parents have raised them on. Preachers’ Daughters will premiere on Lifetime next year.

“Adolescence can be a challenging time of transition for children and their parents,” said Sharenow. “By opening their homes and lives to our viewers, the families featured on Preachers’ Daughters will provide an honest portrayal of their experiences — bookended by the deep love they share and shifting household dynamics in their beliefs.”

Lifetime has ordered eight hour-long episodes of Preachers’ Daughters, which will be produced by Thinkfactory Media and executive produced by Adam Reed, Emily Sinclair, Adam Freeman and Leslie Greif, with Lifetime’s Sharenow, Gena McCarthy, Kimberly Chessler and Toby Faulkner.

A+E Networks will handle global sales for Preachers’ Daughters.

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Miles Ellison

Reality TV church porn. Yay.

Miss k

I just watched this show on Tuesday. I thought it was going to be an uplifting show and something positive to watch. Being as the title is First Preachers Wives. I was so shocked to see ladies of faith acting the way they were acting. The show is not uplifting at all. Looks to me like it's another monetary reason to be on television.

Just me

These women should b ashamed of themselves! Really! U call yourself a preacher wife and u r walking around in prada! Im sure.there r people in their community that r struggling and u have the nerve to live in a million dollar home and wear prada! God dont care about your prada! He cares about whats in your heart! Being a preacher was never meant to make u rich!


If you actually watch the show, you'll see they are not glorifying bad behavior. They are discussing real issues that teenagers go through in life and how their parents deal with it from their Christian-centric perspective. Watch the show without preconception and you'll understand. I think super conservative Christians may find it offensive because of the taboo topics. Anti-Christians will find it boring and lame for its lack of debauchery. But so far, the show is not as terrible as people are assuming. It's in the same vein as Wife Swap or Super Nanny or World of Jenks.


I would like to say this is making a mockery out I ministers and their families. The bible says to come out and be separate from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17). I am just proud to have been brought up in a CHURCH OF GOD pastor's home, where my mother and father have always been amazing examples for me to follow.


I grew up a preachers daughter & thankfully my adolescence was not filmed for the whole world to see. People have lost their minds. Ministry is hard enough without the added pressure of a television show. Their parents should not have allowed this.


oh, gawd #enoughsaid

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