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Fox Honcho Rupert Murdoch Says ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ May “Inflame Arab World”

Fox Honcho Rupert Murdoch Says 'Zero Dark Thirty' May "Inflame Arab World"

Even though “Zero Dark Thirty” is still only in a handful of theaters in New York City and Los Angeles, it seems everyone has an opinion on the movie at this point. The “pro-torture” controversy continues to swirl, though director Kathryn Bigelow has tried to make it clear the interrogation method was included because, well, it’s something that was used along the way (United States Secretary Of Defense Leon Panetta has admitted “enhanced interrogation” was used to get intel on Osama Bin Laden). Anyway, the talk around the movie won’t end anytime soon, and now Rupert Murdoch is weighing in.

The 81 year-old Fox honcho and Twitter enthusiast hit the social media site on Christmas Day, not to talk about the presents he got, but to make this bold claim:

Given that Fox News is hardly the bastion of well rounded discussion and discourse, it’s hard to take Murdoch seriously, and tossing around phrases like “inflame Arab world” on Twitter is borderline irresponsible from someone in his position. We’d like to think we could expect more from a media mogul who knows all too well about context and taking an even handed approach to reporting, but then again, this is the guy who let phone hacking of celebrities for “news” happen unabated on his watch. When the CIA are issuing statements about the movie that are more rational than those of the head of Fox, well, that pretty much speaks for itself.

Your thoughts? Let us know below. “Zero Dark Thirty” goes wide on January 11th. [Russia Today]

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Northern Star

"Given that Fox News is hardly the bastion of well rounded discussion and discourse, it's hard to take Murdoch seriously"… do you even watch Fox News Jason, I bet you don't, because if you did you would see there's as many liberals and Democrats as conservatives and Republicans; Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Mara Liason, Bob Beckel, and Alan Colmes to name but a few. Be a man and form your own opinion instead of toeing a party line from partisan hacks…

tristan eldritch

It's interesting how the torture issue has eclipsed a whole lot of other questions that the film begs: should bin Laden have been tried rather than assassinated, why has no physical evidence whatever been produced to support this narrative version of events, would the intelligence community be co-operating with filmmakers without some kind of agenda, and so on.


The only thing more annoying than people slamming a film they haven't seen are bloggers who vigorously and irrationally defend a film they haven't seen.

John Michaels

I think he makes a fair point. I've seen the movie twice now, was disappointed the first time around and thought it was an irresponsible movie, that doesn't say anything new and manipulates the audience by making you relive a lot of terrorist bombings besides 9/11. That being said, if you think of this film like GREEN ZONE, it is a very enjoyable movie.


Who hasn't had this thought at least cross their minds? I agree, it might. I haven't seen it, but the way all the blogs have gone on and on about it, makes me sick of the film before it even comes out.


He hacked the Arab world's phones just to make sure.


Oops. Someone logged into their twitter account while the nanny wasn't looking.

Bad Rupert, Bad!

To be fair, however, his consistent public stupidity makes it impossible for him to be effectively phone-hacked.

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