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Get Excited: ‘Atlas Shrugged Part II’ Will Have Even More Sean Hannity

Get Excited: 'Atlas Shrugged Part II' Will Have Even More Sean Hannity

Atlas Shrugged Part Iwas awful and, though we didn’t see it, we’re so sure “Atlas Shrugged Part II” was terrible, we put it on our Worst Movies Of 2012 list (because, seriously, just watch that trailer below). But for the five of you who love what THR describes as the “ultimate libertarian porn,” there is some good news on the horizon.

Early next year, you’ll be able to exercise your hard earned capitalist dollars and own “Atlas Shrugged Part II” on the format of your choice, DVD or Blu-ray. And in purchasing said product as part of our free market where goods and services are exchanged without the interference of the blasted government, you’ll be able to take home the extras, among which will be a “Sean Hannity Extended Segment.” That’s right, the excitable Fox News personality has a role in the film playing…a news personality (big stretch)…but we guess his appearance was so good, that stuff on the cutting room floor just couldn’t be left out. If anything, it will make the ‘Shrugged’ experience…louder.

If you’re looking for a post-Valentine’s Day gift for the humorless Ayn Rand-ian in your life, or the irritating Sean Hannity superfan in your office, “Atlas Shrugged Part Deux” will street on February 19th.

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I always rate films I haven't seen. Pre-judging things is the way to go. The Klan would love you for embracing a core doctrine—prejudging (or prejudice).


Thanks for the article. The movie could have done better, the book which shows a strike by intelligent people against a fascist state is fantastic. Rand's technical work is praised by many philosophers and is basically a revival or secular Aristotelianism.

There is a great backgrounder on Rand at the LIO site.

For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ ….


I did see Atlas Shrugged Pt. 1 and ya know what? I've seen worse. Strong female lead and… actually that's it. Also, I heard some of what she's doing goes against the written character but that's none of my concern. The final scene is actually really, really funny. It's just not meant to be.


I love The Playlist but sometimes stuff like this comes off like something a douchebag teenager would post. "We didn't watch it but it's on our worst-of list because look how totally terrible it looks!" Seriously? Lika Amma said, why even report on this if the point is just to bash it? Isn't there enough pointlessly negative shit online as it is?

Matt N.

It's interesting that anyone who supports Ayn Rand and/or "Atlas Shrugged" (the book, not the terrible movies) is automatically dismissed as having a mental defect or being a completely brainless right-wing zombie. I'm confident in assuming that most people who criticize Ayn Rand have never actually read her writing (fiction or non-fiction). They just reiterate what they hear from the Daily Kos and Paul Krugman. Us Randians, moronic people that we are, actually read both sides of the argument because we want to "know our enemies" more thoroughly instead of just repeating sound bites we hear online.

But, I love the Playlist so I will keep reading.


I know all the jokes have been made already about the continuation of these movies being a giant-ass middle finger to the free market they supposedly venerate, but it's still hilarious.


Why do you guys report on shit no one will ever watch?

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