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Help Fund Feature Doc – ‘The Jews Of Ghana: From The Four Corners Of The Earth’

Help Fund Feature Doc - 'The Jews Of Ghana: From The Four Corners Of The Earth'

The first thing I thought of when I read about this was, another documentary we featured on this site earlier this year – RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria, which documents the lives of Igbo people who have embraced Judaism as a part of their legacy, and who believe Igbos are really descendants of Israelites.

And now, from Toronto-based director Gabrielle Zilkha comes The Jews of Ghana: From the Four Corners of the Earth, which follows a remote Ghanaian community known as the Sefwis, who have been practicing Judaism for centuries, and who only recently (over the last 20 years) learn that they weren’t alone, with millions of people around the world also following the very same religion.

The film will document their journey of discovery, which includes their very first trip to Israel.

Intrigued? I am.

The filmmaker launched a Kickstarter campaign at the end of November to raise $15,000 which will go into launching production of the film; and with just under 3 days left in the campaign, she’s raised $13,356 at the time of this post; so she needs to raise about $1,700 to meet her campaign goal in less than 3 days. 

But I’ll stop talking, and let her speak for herself; watch the preview/pitch below, and if you’d like to contribute, click HERE for the project’s Kickstarter page, or within the widget at the bottom of this post:

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What the filmmaker may not understand are these and other Africans awakening to their hebrew roots are not converts practicing Judiasm, but have a very high probability of being genetically linked to ancient Israel unlike the Ashkenazi jews (European) of today in Israel.


film maker seriously….no joke needs to pitch the idea to A'mare Stoudemire of the Knicks.
Don't know if he's a convert or claiming Judaism via his mother's side but he is a practing jew and I think he's made comments about helping people understand that Blacks are not new to Judaism.
now, the part of the film that is going to cover their journey to Israel? gonna have to quote Living Colour(the band)..

"I've got reason to beleive/ we all won't be received/ at Graceland "


oh great…..more fuel for those Black Israelites on the streets of NYC.. just a joke. everybody has their own vision and story to tell but I'd be much more interested in a film that covers African jews across the globe…Beta Israel in Ethiopia…these two other groups in West Africa..heck even Yaphet Kotto or Ali's cornerman Bundini

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