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Help Me Make Sense Of Electro’s Costume (Jamie Foxx Will Play Him In Spidey Sequel…)

Help Me Make Sense Of Electro's Costume (Jamie Foxx Will Play Him In Spidey Sequel...)

This is just a random query… we didn’t mention it, but Jamie Foxx officially confirmed that he will be Electro in the needless Amazing Spiderman sequel (we announced the initial news that he was in talks to play the part).

Over the weekend, I went looking for images of Electro, trying to visualize Jamie Foxx as the character, and based on what I found, I had to ask this question of our readers who are comic book afficionados, or who specifically are intimately familiar with this Electro character.

My question is – regarding his costume, is this what we can expect Jamie Foxx will be wearing in the filmed version, or are there other Electro costumes, or other versions of Electro? I searched online for images of Electro, and this was really the dominant look for the character that Google returned.

I ask because, I don’t know about you all, but this looks kind of, shall we say, silly!

Yes, the superhero tights are standard in the superhero universe, but that yellow 5-point mask, and what look like electric bolt suspenders, just aren’t working for me, mayne. And those yellow gloves with the electric bolt extended around the forearm area… not working either.

And I’m hoping his on-screen look will be adjusted somewhat, so that we’re actually scared of the guy (after all, he’s a villain), instead of laughing at him. Or is Electro more of a comical villain in the comic books, along the lines of The Joker for example, which might help explain the outfit?

Help me out here guys…

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Adam Scott Thompson

If a pimp were struck by lightning, this would be the outcome.


The costume will be changed for the feature film.


His costume might be patterned after the Ultimate Universe Electro. At least I really hope so.


You know it's not going to look anything like that in the film, so there's no need to explain. If you want to know what a costume for a live action marvel movie is going to look like, it's better to look at the Ultimate line of Marvel books.


Hey, we would've booed the screen if Hugh Jackman came out wearing a yellow onesie LOL They'll get it together

Leon X

Marvel has another line of comics that is set in what's known as the Ultimate Universe. Electro looks much different there. Here's a link to that Electro.


I'm sure that the costume will be updated. It will probably look more like Black Lightning's costume than the original. Or … this Electro from "Ultimate Spider-Man" —>

Spirit Equality

To answer your main question, that is the only Electro costume I know of and I read comics for ten years (elementary, middle and high school).

Suspension of disbelief is your friend in comic book movies. The Joker wears ridiculous white face makeup, but he still was a GREAT villain when portrayed by Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. While I'm not comparing Jamie to them, I am saying that a great actor can make a character who appears a bit visually humorous a great villain. I have faith that Jamie can pull it off…it's all in the script. Also, Spidey villains are rarely as dark as most action movie villains. I think it will work. Spidey's costume is very close to the comic version and very colorful, yet still looks awesome on film.

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