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I Believe In Fitness: Michael Bay Is Back With First Trailer For ‘Pain And Gain’ With Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne Johnson

I Believe In Fitness: Michael Bay Is Back With First Trailer For 'Pain And Gain' With Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne Johnson

After three straight “Transformers” movies, we kind of forgot that Michael Bay movies used to be fun. Testosterone fueled fun, sure, but fun nonetheless. But he’s taken a break from making robots go boom to make his “indie” movie, and goddamn, if this trailer for “Pain And Gain” isn’t a steroid boost right to the nostalgia center of our brains.

Evoking all the things that Michael Bay movies used to be — exciting, a bit ludicurous, and funny — “Pain And Gain” looks like top form, escapist entertainment by the guy who knows who to do it best. Based on a true story (yes, for real), Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson star as a couple of hilariously dim-bulb Floridian bodybuilders who kidnap, rob and leave for dead a wealthy businessman. But their plans take a twist when their victim survives and hires a P.I. to help him exact revenge. And the supporting cast looks ace with Rebel Wilson, Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris and Tony Shalhoub looking like they’re loving every minute of it.

So yeah, it looks like Bay made the most of every opportunity not to make CGI things run toward each other for 3 hours. Too bad he’s doing a fourth “Tranformers” because we’d love to see what kind of thing he does after this. Ah, well. We’ll take “Pain And Gain” for now. Watch below — it opens on April 26, 2013.

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LaToursha Renette Ezell

We need more films like "Pain and Gain". I cannot wait to see it. I enjoy watching DJ and I still like Mark Mark.


Holy shit! It's the 90s again.

Steven Flores

Dwayne, you I love you as the Rock aka THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL OF ENTERTAINMENT but… there is no fucking way will I see this roody-poo, piece of trailer trash that you call a film that is brought to you by steroids, Ferraris, and all sorts of product placement bullshit that Michael Bay does. Until then, I hope CM Punk kicks your roody-poo candy-ass at the Royal Rumble.


Goddamn I can't wait, it looks so kickass


Reminds me of Southland Tales.


I'm diggin on this.

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