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Jamie Foxx Spoofs Tyler Perry On SNL

Jamie Foxx Spoofs Tyler Perry On SNL

Just in case you missed it, last night on Saturday Night LiveJamie Foxx spoofed Tyler Perry’s disastrous turn in that recent Alex Cross movie, which disappeared as soon as it appeared. 

You have to admit it’s an easy target. Just like shooting ducks in a barrel. Though I’m surprised Perry hasn’t been spoofed more often. He’s a fair target just like every other celebrity who’s been spoofed. Goes with the territory of being a famous celebrity.

Aside from that notorious Boondocks episode, I can’t think of any others. Why is that?

But getting back to Foxx’s SNL skit,  is it funny or not? Tell us what you think.

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The only funny part was when they first started fighting each other on the floor. The rest wasn't funny at all in my humble opinion.

Tha Watcher



Jamie does a good Madea impression. Mimicry really is a gift of his. *Dead* at the gospel music used in the action sequence.


I give it two closed-mouth snickers for the physical humor. It's an SNL skit, so I wasn't expecting "In Living Color"-level hilarity.


Keenan has done Tyler on SNL on a regular basis. This blog's audience is almost as uninformed as Worldstarhiphop's audience. There may be an intelligence divide but your world views seem to be similarly limited. Black people are so diverse and yet closed minded. That cartoon was mean to Tyler Perry haha. Hey they have cartoons out here hurting only and I do mean only black people's feelings. You are as weak and as strong as your opponent. In this case you aren't real if a fake cartoon is threat to your ego.

Adam Scott Thompson


D. Wilson

Clearly a few of us have forgotten the difference between a spoof and a roast. Boondocks was more of a roast and this was a spoof. A spoof pokes fun at what someone does, like the volume of mockery turned up loud on their behaviors or idiosyncrasies. A roast rags on someone, calling them out almost to the point of bullying which is more along the lines of what the Boondocks did. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for spoofs and a time and place for roasts but don't confuse the two. Not everything has to go that far. Appreciate it for what it is. It wasn't trying to compete with what the Boondocks did. Let's not forget, Boondocks is a cable show. SNL is network tv so they can't get away with the same things :)

Jamie did a great job at this. He sounded just like Tyler. The mannerisms were dead on. He jumped in and out of character effortlessly. The concept was creative and SNL usually gets a lot of flack for not having enough creative content. Don't be mad at Jamie or SNL because they didn't belittle Tyler Perry. Why does everything need to be at that level? Just because Boondocks decided to go that far doesn't mean that everyone has to go that far to be funny.

Miles Ellison

That was actually funnier than Tyler Perry's Madea movies. Though that's not saying very much.


That was WACK and just as bad as the actual Alex Cross movie. SMDH. The Boondocks episode was WAY more funny then this crap. Is everything good and funny nowadays?


Pretty funny though.


LOL, Jamie is a fool!!


IMO this skit was probably the funniest thing Jamie Fox has done and he was perfect for the role. And unlike Boondocks, it was an actual spoof, funny, and entertaining. Boondocks was a nasty, judgmental piece of satire that is the epitome of what John Singleton, Victoria Mahoney and Armond White was speaking of on Don't Sleep.



Ty Harris

I agree everyone deserves to be spoofed and it's all in fun but Jamie Foxx… ? Really? Isn't he famous for playing a woman and trying to bring her back in a movie with Martin?

Justin W

South Park had an episode making fun of Perry, but it wasn't as bad as the Boondocks episode. That was brutal lol


30 Rock fairly regularly gives Tracy Morgan storylines that are clearly meant to spoof Tyler Perry.




Funny. Hope that doesn't give him any ideas.

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