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Listen To Quentin Tarantino’s Epic 75-Minute Interview w/ Howard Stern On ‘Django’ & More

Listen To Quentin Tarantino’s Epic 75-Minute Interview w/ Howard Stern On 'Django' & More

If you’ve got 75-minutes to kill, here’s something to listen to as I say farewell for the night, after holding down S&A HQ for the last 2 days, while Tambay takes a couple of days to rest. It’s an epic 75-minute interview that Quentin Tarantino did with Howard Stern a couple of days ago. 

Of course he was there to talk about Django Unchained, but, given that it’s Howard Stern, you know that they get into a heck of a lot more. But the focus is Django Unchained naturally – they talk about his preparation for the film, they get into Will Smith’s casting (Howard is a bit relentless on that point, really trying to get Quentin to talk about why he (Howard) thinks Will Smith didn’t do the movie, the use of the “N” word in this film (as well as past Tarantino films, and just how unapologetic he is about that, despite all the criticism he’s faced over the years), the fact that it’s not revisionist history like Inglorious Basterds, and that it’s set in a very true-to-life setting, the challenges in making the film, the budget and the box office expectations relative to the budget (he says they hope that it makes like $300 million+, so expectations are high, but he also talks about what it might mean for him and his career, if the film comes way under expectations), the amount of nudity that’s in the film, and much more – like losing the Oscar to The Hurt Locker (over his Inglorious Basterds, especially in the Best Screenplay category), and also film versus digital, his process, as well as the industry in general.

On the personal side, he discusses his strained his relationship with his father (a very interesting story there), his dropping out of middle school, his retirement plans and more.

And this being Howard Stern, it’s all very raw, and honest conversation. And the good thing is that Tarantino doesn’t really shy away from any of the questions Howard asks. 

I must say I found the entire interview very interesting, and entertaining, and listened to the entire 75 minutes.

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he dropped out of MIDDLE SCHOOL? woo. so he doesnt no algebra or geometry or trigonometry? he doesnt know the periodic tlements table ? national state local government ?

Justin W

Good listen. Fun and entertaining throughout




Courtney, thanks so much for sharing!! I LOVE and miss Howard on Terrestrial radio. This was a great interview and Howard is THE best interviewer in all of media. He doesn't get the credit he deserves for "going there" and asking the questions the listening audience really wants to know about. I learned far more about QT, how he got started and his process for making film, than in this one interview than one will learn in the hundreds of other interviews that he'll engage in between now and the opening of DJANGO. …


Great Interview! Love Tarantino!

that dude

B, are you suggesting that QT and TP are equivalent filmmakers?


This site gives QT a lot of passes but doesn't cut tyler perry ANY slack


I wonder why it's so hard to find news on 12 Years a Slave lately?




i saw it and it was so terrible. it was at an invite only screening and it took a lot for me to bite my tongue during the q&a. beyond the obvious reasons why i didnt like it(the black actors had NO lines/nothing of importance to say), it also didnt seem finished– the editing was not solid.

Bohemian princess

Unfortunately for Howard, when his name comes up people think of porn stars and flatulence jokes but what they don't realize is that he is hands down one of the best interviewers around. Not Barbara Walters, or Oprah, or Larry King but Howard Stern. That is all.


55 min


Howard Stern has always been the best interviewer ever. He never asks bullshit softball questions which is why a lot of celebrities avoid him


No thanks, gonna take a pass


Has he talked about why he wanted the film released on Christmas Day? I plan to see it but it won't be on Christmas.

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