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Michelle Williams Reportedly In Talks For Romantic Thriller ‘The Double Hour’ For Director Joshua Marston

Michelle Williams Reportedly In Talks For Romantic Thriller 'The Double Hour' For Director Joshua Marston

So, this is why we love Michelle Williams. While the three-time Oscar nominated actress could easily sit back and ride the studio driven tentpole gravy train (and yes, she’s starring in next year’s “Oz The Great And Powerful,” but girl’s gotta eat), more than often than not, she chooses interesting stories and filmmakers, with characters that are often compelling and complex. And this is true for what may be on one of her upcoming efforts.

The Wrap is reporting that Williams is in talks and/or the frontrunner (which is it, guys?) to lead “The Double Hour,” which will be directed by the tremendously talented and underrated Joshua Marston (“Maria Full Of Grace” and “The Forgiveness Of Blood” — probably the most slept on movie of the year, see it). The film will be a remake of “La Doppia Ora,” the 2009 Italian film from Giuseppe Capotondi, which won some major awards at the Venice Film Festival, and tells the story of a couple who meet at a speed dating event, only for things to turn sinister on a romantic getaway.

Marston wrote the script, and the project is set up at Fox Searchlight, but it won’t be rolling just yet if Williams signs on. She’ll be spending next spring shooting the WWII drama “Suite Francaise” with Matthias Schoenaerts. But this is a promising prospect, so we hope it comes together. Watch the trailer for the original below.

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Meh, she's so overrated. Call me when she tries to play someone who isn't wistful and deprssed. Tere's nothing challenging and complex about the films she's done the last 5 years. She can do that in her sleep. Oz is actualy something DIFFERENT for once.


Original The Double Hour is a mediocre thriller with rather predictable twists. Somehow it reminds me another Williams starer Deception and the female character is not so much different from what Williams has been playing for last 5 – 6 yrs. I hoped(and still hoping) that she'd try something really new after the long break.


Joshua Marston's "Maria Full Of Grace" is a major classic in my book- the natural acting, the screenplay, and the wonderful direction. What happened to Catalina Sandino Moreno's career ? It was an incredibly auspicious acting debut.


50/50 bet that the Wrap is correct here?

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