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New Image From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Proves That Glass Prisons Are So Hot Right Now

New Image From 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Proves That Glass Prisons Are So Hot Right Now

There’s a hot new trend sweeping the land, and it looks like whoever provides glass prisons for movie hero villains is making a mean buck. After Silva was put in a transparent tube thingy in “Skyfall,” and Loki in a similarly see-through contraption in “The Avengers” (and both wanted to be captured and escaped easily… another trend!) it looks “Star Trek Into Darkness” is following the same playbook.

Over the weekend, select, very special people got to see the first nine minutes of the movie: a taster that that will screen in IMAX in front of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” this weekend, and while they were allowed to report on it, in some Kafka-esque request, J.J. Abrams asked that specific scenes not be discussed. So, this led to comparisons of “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” and “Up” being thrown around without much meaning to them. Anyway, a first official still has arrived for the rest of us, with Benedict Cumberbatch‘s mysterious villain credited as ‘John Harrison.’ Ha ha ha because we bet it’s a decoy name or something.

But with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) looking on, it looks like the glass enclosure has struck again! Will Not-Khan escape from it? Do we even have to ask? “Star Trek Into Darkness” boldly goes on May 17, 2013. [ComingSoon]

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He will probably escape from his glass prison and reveal that getting caught was all part of his plan.


Knowing Star Trek, it may be a force-field.


Not that big of a trend. It's just an update on the interrogation room which we have today and we can observe them through one-way mirrors. Only in Avengers you're dealing with a god, so can't put him in the same room with someone, and then in Star Trek you're dealing with someone who appears to have superhuman strength (still no details on whether or not he's Gary Mitchell or whatever.)

In Skyfall, idk, no explanation for that one.

It's cool imo, idk, not a big deal really.


It's not Khan, dumbasses

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