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Nice! Pilot For Alison McDonald’s Web Short ‘She Got Problems’ Set Up At ABC

Nice! Pilot For Alison McDonald's Web Short 'She Got Problems' Set Up At ABC

Bravo for Alison McDonald!

We loved and featured both web shorts she created, produced and starred in – She Got Problems and Alison Is Having A Really Bad Day – and even hoped that she’d get the opportunity to further explore and expand on her ideas, via some grander stage/platform like TV, or the big screen.

That was in the spring; Skip ahead several months, to news today that the veteran TV writer and story editor (and the sister of actress/singer Audra McDonald who made a hilarious cameo appearance in She Got Problems), has set up musical-comedy pilot for She Got Problems at ABC – home to Shonda Rhimes’ family of dramas, including one that features a black woman lead in Scandal

Recall that, as we reported, Alison hoped that these web shorts (which are essentially autobigraphical, centering on a black woman writer who escapes her real-life career and relationship problems via these fantasy musical interludes) would work as pitches for what would eventually become full-fledged web, TV and/or feature films. 

ABC apparently agrees, and is giving her the opportunity to see that goal realized.

If you haven’t seen either of the web shorts, both are embedded below; so take a look for a glimpse at what may be to come.

As I recall, your responses to both were on the fun, enthusiastic side; you dug the screwball, eccentric, quirky nature of each – something black characters are rarely *allowed* to be on screen.

Let’s see where all this goes for Ms McDonald.

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I looked up this post because I could've sworn her series was also called Black Actress, similar to the series that Issa Rae launched. Are any of McDonald's projects still in play?


Is the pilot still a possibility? It didn't come on the schedule for this fall or next spring, so is that usual?

Or did they pass on this?

Just curious. I really loved both of the shorts.


Finally!!! Super excited for her.


So Refreshing! Love it!


as a black woman with a legit voice (not gospel) I LOVE THIS!!! MUSICALS ROCK!!!

as for the story…uh… this amazing incredibly beautiful talented loving black woman can't find a black guy she likes & who likes her? really? wow. ok. what do men want??

Mark & Darla

Do your thing girl, much success.


Good for her! I've been saying that I'd love to see her on SNL ever since I saw these shorts. Hopefully she does well with this. I'm certainly a fan.


LMBAO She signed the baby! And the fountain bit, Classic! Funny & heartfelt. She's talented, beautiful, but above all-Smart! Both clips, tho about her being black, show a construction that she understands film, comedy & theatricality from "other" worlds & that adds to the humor & satire. She understands craft from other peoples and let's it influence HER Art. It shows me who SHE is. Great stuff & kudos to her!

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