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Nicole Kidman Talks Surprise ‘The Paperboy’ Nominations from Set of ‘Grace of Monaco,’ EXCLUSIVE SKYPE VIDEO

Nicole Kidman Talks Surprise 'The Paperboy' Nominations from Set of 'Grace of Monaco,' EXCLUSIVE SKYPE VIDEO

Nicole Kidman was shocked when she learned that her boldly brazen performance in Lee Daniels’ outrageous southern gothic “The Paperboy” had earned both SAG and Golden Globe supporting actress nominations. While the indie film debuted in Cannes to mixed reaction and hardly set critics or audiences on fire, Kidman earned rave reviews. It’s just possible that Academy actors will overlook the movie’s trashy excesses to recognize Kidman’s achievement. And so Kidman got on Skype, after a long shooting day playing Princess Grace in “Grace of Monaco” in Belgium, to talk about why she was willing to go almost all the way to play southern bombshell Charlotte Bless.

The 45-year-old actress explains why she wants to take chances at this stage of her life. (She always has: see her Oscar-winning “The Hours” and Oscar-nominated “Rabbit Hole” and “Moulin Rouge,” not to mention “Nine,” “To Die For,” “Birth,” “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus,” “The Others,” and “Margot at the Wedding,” among her riskiest roles.) Did she really pee on Zac Efron in one scene? Kidman refuses to say. But she does explain how she created Charlotte’s look herself, how Daniels pushed her off the cliff on the first day, why she stayed in character on set the entire shoot, and how she and John Cusack pushed their sexual attraction further than anyone had planned. And she also stands by her reasons for refusing Daniels’ demand that she say the n-word.

Still to come are Park Chan-wook’s “Stoker” opposite fellow Aussie Mia Wasikowska and World War II drama “The Railway Man,” opposite Colin Firth.

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Very telling, 2 kids, and no thought for the older children, 10 yrs. married to Tom, and they probably only dated and no stability with all their comming and going mad for $$$$ ; mad for movies.


I'm always disappointed when Dogville isn't included among her achievements. I think her collaboration with LvT is incredibly interesting and among her finest work.


great stuff


Amazing actress and classy lady.


Nicole is an amazing actor who's taken risks and chances with her film roles all of her life, as the author points out beautifully. Very nice, respectful interview. Nic's incredibly beautifully, even without her makeup on, and yes, her face shows tons of 'expression' and naturalness. Too bad there are so many vicious, evil, toxic, and jealous people who scour the Internet to find places to denigrate those who have such beauty and talent. And yes, she has TWO children whom she's "raising," as the older two live on their own, having been raised by the Scientology 'cult'!


Lay off the botox lady


2 kids you have 4 bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nicole is the best actress ever!


Great interview. I love Nicole and more power to her. She is a wonderful actress and seems to be a sensitive human being. Can't wait to watch the movie.


Wait! Did she say she has TWO kids?! (first video at 1.30secs) She has FOUR! Is she discounting the two with Tom Cruise?!


To be honest, I would give it to her over Anne Hathaway…she just dares. I'm so glad her fellow actors recognized that and boosted her. No one takes risks like she does in Hollywood, you could only compare her to European actresses.


Nicole's career is back on track after that mess with Nic Cage, that's great. "Grace of Monaco" will be the real deal, not this "Paperboy". And thank God, the quality of the video is Skype, so her forehead is not that scary anymore :-)


Boy, she is campaigning like crazy.


Love her and great interview. She's someone that I've always had an enormous respect for, from how she handles her celebrity to the amount of risks that she takes in her film career, whether they work or not. Not many others of her stature can say that.

little my

lovely interview Anne. I wish there was enough time for questions on a career retrospective, but maybe next time. She did seem quite nervous though.

Anne Thompson

It's working now.

Eoin Daly

Please get the videos working because I love her.

little my

Could you please fix the link, I would like to see interview.


Really interested to watch this interview but the videos don't work? :s


Video doesn't play. :-(

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