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NRA Chief Blames Hollywood Media for Gun Violence, Names Oliver Stone’s 1994 ‘Natural Born Killers’

NRA Chief Blames Hollywood Media for Gun Violence, Names Oliver Stone's 1994 'Natural Born Killers'

Oliver Stone can’t get a break. Almost two decades after he directed uber-violent “Natural Born Killers,” Hollywood’s most famous Liberal remains a fat target for the National Rifle Association, which held a Washington, D.C. press conference Friday interrupted by protests. Finally responding to the horrific shooting spree at Newtown, Connecticut on December 15, when 20 children and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary school, NRA chief lobbyist Wayne LaPierre blamed Hollywood media for allowing violent culture to come into children’s homes via movies, videogames and music videos. He described media conglomerates as “complicit co-onspirators.”

He also made reference to another dated film, “American Psycho.” He couldn’t come up with anything more recent?

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said. “In a race to the bottom, many conglomerates compete with one another to shock, violate, and offend every standard of civilized society, by bringing an even more toxic mix of reckless behavior and criminal cruelty right into our homes.”

If you are as disgusted as I am by this NRA kneejerk response, contribute to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. On a more positive note, the campaign reports that:

“people from all over the country have reached out to demand change and your support is helping to make this happen. On Tuesday December 18th, we led a press conference on Capitol Hill with more than 20 families sharing their stories of the mass shootings in Newtown, Tucson, Aurora, Columbine, Salt Lake City, and at Virginia Tech. The conference was seen by millions of people across the country.

Then we delivered a letter to the White House and Congress signed by victims of gun violence who are asking for meaningful dialogue and swift action.

The response from the White House and Congress is the breakthrough this country needs and deserves. Your support helps us continue our critical work and keep the pressure on Congress to end the gun violence in this country once and for all.”

So far, @TheOliverStone and attention-grabber @BrettEastonEllis have not tweeted their response.

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—-SEE past the 'American Empire' –and even the 'British Empire'.

SEE the CAP-stone front op and OBSERVE closely the working
and history of unaccountable, intergenerational, international
CAP-stone —USURY.

Seems former son of Wall Street, and former Yalie —Oliver Stone
never gets around to talking about it.

—-Even as he delivers celebrations of Wall Street
——–debasement, the mafia 'vision' ——and the
—————————————CAP-stone 'DIE—ALL—-eck–'T'—ick'

Rob Crimmins

Why these shootings occur is an important question but it is much less important than the fact that are happening and innocent people, even children, are being killed. Since that IS the case the point made by the NRA'a executives, whether you like them or not, is valid and the one to be resolved first. I think our first responsibility is to protect the children and to do that the best answer is putting weapons in the hands of the right people in the right places. Trained defenders, properly vetted with the right firearm between the killer and his intended victim is the best way to stop the crime. Changing the culture is necessary too but let's go about all that has to be done in the right order. Please, lets stop letting less important points matter as much as the lives of our children.

nolan merchan

Hmmm, the US govt rains death and destruction over Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, etc. like no power before it but thats not influencing our violent, blood-thirsty culture. But a filmmaker makes one movie about violent people and suddenly its corrupting young people? ridiculous!
reminds me of that Chris Rock bit: "white man makes guns that kill people, no one says a word. black rapper SAYS gun…congressional inquiry!".


So conditioning by Hollywood and the video game "first person shooter" industry has nothing to do with it all? Your power fantasies are irrelevant?

Talk about "knee jerk."

All of the above are guilty, including the prescription antidepressants that are involved most of the time –

Better security at schools, including an armed police officer on campus is a reasonable measure to consider.

Anne Thompson

Make that two.


Funny how every other country on earth watches all of the same violent movies we do (in fact, they're even MORE successful overseas) only they don't seem to have the same gun problems as we do… Hmm, what's the outlier? Oh yeah, they have gun control and social services in other countries…. meh, that probably has nothing to do with it…


1994 wasn't almost 3 decades ago

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