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Preview In-Development Feature Documentary ‘Black Russians – The Red Experience’

Preview In-Development Feature Documentary 'Black Russians - The Red Experience'

Titled Black Russians – The Red Experience, the film will explore “the lives and experiences of the black Americans who went to the Soviet Union during the Stalinist era in search of an ideal life. Escaping from racism and the Great Depression, they dove into new lives, having “nothing to lose” and no reason to turn back. Did they find what they were looking for? Their descendants who live in Russia and America today will share a story of their ancestors as well as their own.

I’m already hooked on the premise.

Today Russia is a country where racism is ever-increasing, especially with an influx of African immigrants also looking for better lives for themselves, just as black Americans did decades ago.

According to one report by the BBC… nearly 60% of black and African people living in Russia’s capital, Moscow, have been physically assaulted in racially motivated attacks. Africans working or studying in the city live in constant fear of attack. The report’s clear conclusion was that black people living in Russia exist in a state of virtual siege. Many of the attacks are pre-meditated and extremely violent, . One Nigerian migrant interviewed by the BBC had been repeatedly stabbed in the back and then shot. Another man said his attacker had attempted to remove his scalp. Officially there are some 10,000 Africans living in Moscow – many as economic migrants.

Black Russians is currently in development, from USA-based Red Palette Pictures, along with UK-based 1066 Productions, with director Yelena Demikovsky leading a team of academic researchers, consultants and more.

It’s expected to debut in 2013.

No clips or trailer to look at yet, but check out a poster below; and underneath, you’ll find a news report on racism in Russia today:

Part 1 (Part 2 underneath):

Part 2:

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yelena demikovsky

Hi, I just bumped into your blog and actually would like to thank you for your interest in my project. There is now a trailer that you can see on the youtube. I haven't really promoted it but here is the link:
Thanks again,
Yelena Demikovsky


really looks interesting….


"I'd like a drink please, preferably some vodka"
"How about a Black Russian?"

Mekisha Hale

I've always thought about if there were any blacks in the Soviet Union. Many Many years ago I remember seeing some program that showed an European black in the Soviet Union. But this documentary is interesting to hear about. And is about time to hear that were blacks who lived in Russia. But this documentary by reading this article goes even further with American Blacks who went to the Soviet Union at the time of the Stalinist era to have completely different lives from the country they had experienced with racism and the great depression. Sounds interesting that these American Blacks would choose The Soviet Union. What I've always thought thou is that American Black would go places like Paris and other places then thinking about Russia. But go figure,anyway it's the descendants of those American's who live in Russia and who live in America. This should be on top of the history channel or something. This could be another mind blowing experience into the this very interesting topic.

Adam Scott Thompson

Robeson still doesn't get his due today because of his affiliation with the Communist Party and the Soviet Union.

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