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Project of the Day: Lesbian Romantic Comedy ‘Portrait of a Serial Monogamist’

Project of the Day: Lesbian Romantic Comedy 'Portrait of a Serial Monogamist'

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Portrait of a Serial Monogamist
Tweetable Logline:
When it comes to relationships everyone’s an expert and everyone is full of s**t. A lesbian romantic comedy about coming of middle age.
Elevator Pitch:
Elsie Neufeld seems to have it all: a successful career as a television producer, a tight-knit circle of friends, and Robyn, her loving girlfriend and longest relationship to date. When Elsie breaks it off to pursue a younger woman, things begin to unravel. Her friends think she has a problem, her family thinks she’s making a mistake and Elsie’s new love interest might not be interested in a relationship. Worst of all, Elsie begins to suspect that she broke up with the one she was meant to be with.
Production Team:

Writers and Directors: John Mitchell and Christina Zeidler
Executive Producer: Mehernaz Lentin
Director of Photography: Jason Tan
Actors: Diane Flacks, Carolyn Taylor, Vanessa Dunn, Caroline Gillis, Shoshana Sperling and Dawn Whitwell.

About the Production:
“The film canon is missing a witty, stylish and ultimately touching lesbian romantic comedy. Nobody dies, it isn’t about coming out, or characters struggling to understand their sexuality, it is a universal story about romance, comedy and relationships. We want to make a film that is truly romantic and truly funny. Yes, there are politics about being queer in the city and they’re a part of the film. But first and foremost, this film is going to be fun. People are hungry for that.” — Christina Zeidler
Current Status:
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portrait of a serial mongamist

Pat Jeffries

I want to see this film and I don't even like romantic comedies.

John Mitchell

Tommy. We plan to shoot the feature in June 2013 and then take it to various festivals. If you check our website periodically, there will be updates as to when/where you can see it. Thank you for the kind words. We love intelligent, hilarious movies, so we've set the bar high for ourselves and will do our best to deliver.

Tommy Vee

This is no ditzy film, instead a hilarious, intelligent looking script with equally intelligent acting…When and where can I see this???

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