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Sexist Quote of the Day by Bret Easton Ellis

Sexist Quote of the Day by Bret Easton Ellis

In a ploy to make himself relevant again after being turned down to write the screeplay for 50 Shades of Grey, Bret Easton Ellis took to twitter and slammed director Kathryn Bigelow.

Here’s the tweet:

Kathryn Bigelow would be considered a mildly interesting filmmaker if she was a man but since she’s a very hot woman she’s really overrated.

This of course is from a mildly interesting and sexist writer.  But more, it goes to show that it is ok to talk about a woman’s appearance in relation to her work.  Kathryn Bigelow has earned the right to be taken seriously based on her body of work and also, maybe that Oscar she won a couple of years ago.

While Easton Ellis might be the one with twitter diarrhea, I am betting that others have the same thoughts.

How about we all give Bret Easton Ellis a piece of our mind on twitter.  His address is @breteastonellis

Bret Easton Ellis Tweets Sexist Insult About ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Director Kathryn Bigelow (Hollywood Reporter)

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Yeah he just wants to piss people off, nothing wrong with telling him to stfu though.

Michael Medeiros

Oh wow…a little tempest in a teapot! Ok, I'll dive in. Being attractive or "hot" has been helpful to many people in the biz so its fair game for observation. Of course you may need talent to really get somewhere. The whole comment actually echoes some sort of anti affirmative action whining. Ultimately, people's successes are not really reductive – they are who they are and they get where they get and explanations are just a lot of guesswork. The need to criticize, however is revealing. Michael Medeiros, director/@TigerLilyRoad.

Michael M.

Hey, he published himself a multitude of successful postmodern novels. I think he has some room for criticism, I mean he hit the nail on the head with that one.

Ronnie D.

Giving him a piece of our minds is exactly what Mr. Ellis wants, so nice job being counterintuitive, especially after displaying his opinion on the site. But anyway, while I don't agree with him, I will say that I find Kathryn Bigelow to be overrated as a director, and think at least on some part, that being a fairly attractive woman did not hurt her when it came to the Oscars and her win for The Hurt Locker.


I personally find Ellis to be tasteless in his work. Talented to some respect, but tasteless. He can't step outside of his perverted, sex oriented material. And slamming Bigelow after witnessing her careful work as a director doesn't help matters.

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