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Shocker: Test Footage For ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ & ‘Marvin The Martian’ Movies Reveals They Would Be Terrible

Shocker: Test Footage For 'Hong Kong Phooey' & 'Marvin The Martian' Movies Reveals They Would Be Terrible

So, in the midst of awards hoopla, here’s a bracing reminder of Hollywood at its worst. Studio executives around town have been busy trying to put together movies centered around two cartoon properties: “Hong Kong Phooey,” based on a 1970s cartoon no one remembers with Eddie Murphy set to cash a paycheck in the titular voice role, and “Marvin The Martian,” a Looney Tunes character we all know and love, who someone seems to think is capable of leading his own movie. Anyway, it appears some test footage has been done and yeah, it’s pretty awful.

The guys over at Cartoon Brew have the background, and basically, auteur Andrew Zamm, the genius director behind “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2,” the upcoming straight-to-video “The Little Rascals” reboot, and the Carrot Top vehicle “Chairman of the Board,” put together two test reels for the movies. In the first spot for ‘Phooey,’ we see Murphy (or more likely, a really good soundalike) essentially prove that this concept is just like that time “Itchy & Scratchy” tried to add Poochy The Dog. Meanwhile, the ‘Martian’ short is a bit more promising (relatively), but also features the kind of creatively bankrupt concept we’d expect (oh noes! he’s going to be sold on eBay).

Anyway, take a look below and see what you’ll be taking your kids to at some point in the future. Even if the resulting pictures don’t turn out exactly like this, if this is the creative direction they’re going in, we’re all doomed. 

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Hong Kong Phooey is such an awesome cartoon. I didn't realize I was a nobody until just now.


I don't know about the animation, but that was easily the shittiest zolly shot ever committed to video.

Hitchcock doth weepeths…

TC Kirkham

Hey Kevin, your youth is betrayed by your ignorance…trust me if you were in elementary school or junior high in the mid 70s, you remember Hong Kong Phooey…it was a hilarious send up of the 70s kung fu movies…and all my friends and I loved it…so there! :-)


That fucking precocious screen kid… I hate him so much.

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