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Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Now Available On Netflix Streaming

Spike Lee's 'Red Hook Summer' Now Available On Netflix Streaming

If you didn’t get to see it when it was in a limited theatrical release, and are interested, you should know that Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer is now streaming on Netflix, via Image Entertainment’s One Village label. It was released today.

Recapping, it’s synopsis reads:

RED HOOK SUMMER tells the story of Flik Royale (Jules Brown), a sullen young boy from middle-class Atlanta who has come to spend the summer with his deeply religious grandfather, Bishop Enoch Rouse (Clarke Peters), in the housing projects of Red Hook. Having never met before, things quickly get off on the wrong foot as Bishop Enoch relentlessly attempts to convert Flik into a follower of Jesus Christ. Between his grandfather’s constant preaching and the culture shock of inner-city life, Flik’s summer appears to be a total disaster–until he meets Chazz Morningstar (Toni Lysaith), a pretty girl his age, who shows Flik the brighter side of Brooklyn. Through her love and the love of his grandfather, Flik begins to realize that the world is a lot bigger, and perhaps a lot better, than he’d ever imagined.

Tambay saw the film at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and reviewed it; in short, he didn’t care for it (read his review HERE).

The 121-minute film (shaved down from the 135-minute cut that premiered at Sundance) was released in theaters (via Variance Films) beginning on August 10, here in the USA.

It grossed just over $338,000 in box office receipts.

Those with Netflix accounts, it awaits you just a few clicks away.

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Aaron Lee Scott

I watched the movie on Netflix and don't see what the big deal is. It wasn't what the critics made it out to be but, at the same time the whole plot twist towards the end has been done to death in past movies, the Chazz or Cazz was overacting in some scenes. There needs to be some originality in black films today and not a white version of another movie.

Ayanna Costa

I seen the previews and I was not inmpressed. I usually go by my own judgement but after the trailer and now the responses. I will pass.

Mark & Darla

Spike is going through mid-life crises that are affecting his creativity.


Thanks for the warning! I'll be sure not to watch it.

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