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Take Our Poll: Best Live-Action Movie Musical of the Last 75 Years

Take Our Poll: Best Live-Action Movie Musical of the Last 75 Years

In celebration of “Les Miserables,” HitFix has listed the 20 best movie musicals of the last 50 years. Their top five? “The Sound of Music,” “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,” “Mary Poppins,” “Cabaret,” and “Little Shop of Horrors” in first place.

Our poll is of the Top 30 live-action musicals in the last 75 years, which means no Disney animated musicals or “South Park,” And “Shall We Dance” (1937) makes the cut but “Swing Time” (1936) does not. Vote! Protest which of your favorites we left off! (I pulled back on more Fosse, Astaire and Garland, or they would have taken up the whole list.)

I weigh in on movie musicals here. Now and Then looks at the long slow death of the movie musical.

What is the best live-action musical in the last 75 years? free polls 

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The Blues Brothers hands down!!! And yes, of course, Brigadoon.


omitting Barbra Streisand's Funny Girl and Yentl seems odd


I could use your words in my work? Would it be probable? If yes, please contact with me!


WEST SIDE STORY is my official favorite movie of all time, but I've had problems with it as a grown-up and I couldn't see voting for it over SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, which really IS the best musical of the last 75 years. If you were doing a list of the last 25 years (slim pickings indeed), I would choose Madonna's TRUTH OR DARE (1991), which truly is a backstage Hollywood musical, documentary trappings or not.




Where is The Umbrellas of Cherbourg on this list?


47 people think Moulin Rouge is the best musical in the last 75 years? Have these folks seen anything before Quentin Tarantino?


It's The Band Wagon with Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Nanette Fabray, Oscar Levant and Jack Buchanan. Duh! (Don't you guys know anything about movie musicals?)

Piscine Molitor

Where Can I choose "My fair Lady"? Just won 8 Oscars


Xanadu. I'm serious.

Anne Thompson

I had to pick 30 movies between 1937 and 2012–and left off quite a few personal faves, from The Music Man to An American in Paris.

Rodrigo de Oliveira

So no chance for "Dancer in the Dark"… :(


Finnian's Rainbow, Brigadoon ….

Anne Thompson

Damn, I did the whole thing over to include that one and it's missing. I thought I put it in. It's too late now cause various folks have started voting. HUGE OMISSION.


no An American in Paris?

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