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‘The Killing’ Comes Back To Life At AMC, Season 3 Set For May 2013 Premiere

'The Killing' Comes Back To Life At AMC, Season 3 Set For May 2013 Premiere

At the end of July, AMC closed the curtain on “The Killing” after a disappointing second season that saw flagging viewership and overall criticism for an arc that routinely saw the narrative spin its wheels. But, less than a month later, word emerged that both Netflix and DirecTV came calling, looking to team up with Fox TV Studios to revive the show. Then, a few weeks ago, AMC was back in the game, with reports that they might team with Netflix to make the third season happen. And well, for fans of the show, the good news is that the show is definitely coming back.

AMC has now set a late May 2013 bow for the third season, with development starting imminently. While Netflix’s involvement isn’t yet confirmed — the deal hasn’t been finalized — it does seem as if AMC will be partnering with somebody to help share the costs, which seems to be the reason “The Killing” is coming back at all. As for the storyline, there’s no word yet, however, Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos last we heard were apparently both already signed to return (though Variety suggests this may not be the case, but we can’t really see the show happening without them) while Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton may not come back. Billy Campbell is also uncertain at the moment.

Either way, “The Killing” really has to come back ferociously and with some purpose if it wants to survive past the third season. As we wrote about season two, “[it] soon turned into an irritating jerk around, resulting in a kind of blue balls for the audience.” Hopefully the writers and showrunner Veena Sud have heard the criticism and are ready to have this show live up to its potential.

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Millie Poliakoff

I loved this show. Sure, it had a couple of weak episodes, but the acting, directing, and cinematography were excellent. And the final episode was not only a total surprise but heartbreaking as well.


I actually loved this show. Season 2 definitely premiere was great, but I agree the show slowed after that. I thought the characters were well developed, the plot was suspenseful, and the writing was well done. They did a good job portraying what an investigation is like. My boyfriend and I are both veteran criminal investigators and we agreed it was the most realistic criminal investigation show we've seen on television. Bring on Season 3!


I really like this show and am glad it is coming back. If people didn't have the attention span of a Kardashian than they would actual know a great show when they watched one


if the show wants to win me back after it's two awful seasons of meandering around and wasting time, they'll have to bring back Joel and Mireille, and those two only, and tell a different case. Forget about the politics, that was mega boring and barely did anything to the actual case of Amanda Palmer.


Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton don't need to come back for season 3, as the case of their murdered daughter has now been solved. Billy Campbell as the recently elected mayor could be useful in a new season, but not totally necessary. Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos both have to come back or there is no show.


God, this show went into the tubes. Let it dies


the show will ONLY work w/Enos and Kinnaman returning as Holder and Linden; that is the ONLY way it will work; i think that the writers should re-open Linden's case that has her haunted since she couldn't close the case – hell she had a nervous breakdown, the story should be Linden/Holden (who i think should also get involved romantically – bc hell they have some serious chem) reopening the case and finally solving it in the 3rd season, then if its a hit they could return w/a new murder for a 4th season — again only Enos/Kinnaman will work if they want the show to succeed which i certainly do! Let them solve that case that Linden has been haunted over and move on to a next one !!!! They rock together, and you could see that both of them were starting to develop feelings for each other as well….


Wish someone had went through all this show save TERRIERS. The Killing has already damaged so much of it credibility.
The Killing will never reach its potential until is willing to deal with creative problems behind the camera. Veena Sud has tried for 2 season to infuse broad ideas that worked so well on her previous show Cold Case. Guess what Crime Drama on Cable is on a WHOLE other level. Cable is responsible for most of the Golden Age of TV were in. Broadcast which now TV Graveyard contributes very little.

Adam Scott Thompson

I prefer "Twin Peaks," but it's good to see fans keeping their beloved shows alive. Shout-out to the original "Star Trek" fans for setting a precedent.


Yeah, this show turned into balls really quick.

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